October Is Here!

Happy Spooktober! Here's my spooky day themed save with only the worlds of Forgotten Hollow and Glimmerbrook (and three families in the Cottage Living world) with a few homeless townie Sims. There are two community lots: Mme Jellyfingers Cafe in Glimmerbrook and the Fledermaus Bend National Park in Forgotten Hollow. I've created some backstories for … Continue reading October Is Here!


Project Lemon: A StrangerVille Tale

This story takes place in one of Shelli the Watcher's Multiverses where Sims had the opportunity to attend university BEFORE the mystery of StrangerVille occurred, and Ned Whalen was still living in Willow Creek, tending his beloved cow plants. I thought I'd revisit the wacky world with a new story not actively revolving around the … Continue reading Project Lemon: A StrangerVille Tale