Happy 21st Birthday, Sims!

A Slice of Birthday Cake, Anyone?

Sul sul! It has been months since I’ve shared anything. However, with the twenty-first birthday update and its amazing content, plus things quieting down in real life (for me at least) and successfully repairing my computer, I have been reinvigorated in resuming my Sims 4 worlds. My latest project is my Twenty-first Birthday Save, in which I plan to share Simlit stories and short videos on YouTube. I appreciate each version of The Sims and view them the same way I do films based on literature–I enjoy them on their own merits. After looking through all the birthday items, I decided to create a new save based on Base Game worlds and many of the Sims who’ve been part of the lore and our lives for over two decades.

Meet the Alfaro Family!

Meet the Alfaros! I created this family using the Story Mode.

Asa wants to be a Super Parent and has put his career on hold to spend more time with the family.

Asa Alfaro was raised in Selvadorada and became a Civil Engineer. Ericka (Mori) Alfaro works at Make A Dish and has a passion for gardening. Ericka’s mom was originally from Mt. Komorebi, but she moved to the Spice District in San Myshuno where Ericka was born and raised. (No wonder Ericka loves to learn new dishes!) The pair met in Selvadorada when Ericka was on vacation and soon discovered many common interests and a mutual attraction. Not long afterwards, the couple married and then welcomed their first child, Claudia, and not too long after that, twins. Their apartment was getting cramped, but Asa and Ericka were saving to buy a home in the ‘burbs. When Ericka discovered a happy surprise–another baby!–the family decided now was the time to make the move.

They bought a modest family home on Ridgeline Drive in Newcrest. Recently celebrating her teen birthday, Claudia is an aspiring musician who loves being big sis to her siblings and not having neighbors complain about her loud music.

Matias enjoys having a space of his own where he can be creative. He shares a room with his twin, Louis.

Twins Louis and Matias are looking forward to excelling in Scouts and making friends. Louis is a Whiz Kid and Matias an Artistic Prodigy, and the pair are very close.

And little Delilah? Well, she just celebrated her birthday and is now a toddler. Yes, she’s spoiled and her big siblings dote on her, but she is a sweet little angel who brings even more joy to the big family.

Ericka has already started her garden in their backyard and plans to grow her own organic food. Asa secretly wonders, though, if he should build a more secure fence around his wife’s pet cow plant. Just in case . . .

This will be the family you will begin playing when you begin my 21st Anniversary Save. Their bio will read: “The Alfaro family is new to town. Can you help them make friends and settle in to their new life in the ‘hood?”

The family spent nearly all of their savings buying their home, so they will begin with a modest amount of Simoleons and only one income. Should Claudia try to find a part-time job to help out? Perhaps Asa might look for odd jobs. It’s up to you!

Until then, if you’d like to download the household and lot, they are on The Gallery and are Base Game, plus Holiday and bonuses we’ve been given over the past years (including The Sims 3 bonus objects like the lamps and statue, Grimm’s Ghoulish Guitar, and The Sims Mobile Family Portrait). I think Asa may still be in the Civil Engineer career since I used Story Mode to develop his character, but if you don’t have Eco Lifestyle, it should still be fine. In the save, he will be a Stay-at-Home Dad.

I’m also uploading my other households to The Gallery, and they are mostly Base Game/Holiday. You may recognize these familiar names.
The Bachelor Family
The Broke Families
The Burb Family
The Caliente Family
The Goth Families
The Landgraab Families
The Langerak Family
The Lothario Family
The Matlapin Family
The Newbie Family
The Oldie Family
The Pleasant Family
The Zest Household
And introducing . . .
The Pleasant Valley Children’s Home with caregiver Christina Tina Perigree

Since I’ve only played the PC versions of Sims 2, Sims 3, and Sims 4, the Sims are primarily an amalgamation of these versions and go with my “head canon” of The Sims. This includes making some changes to provide continuity (meaning some of the ages have been changed up) and a backstory for why The Sims 4 is an alternative timeline. Of course, the many iterations of Goths and Landgraabs are deeply interwoven in my worlds/stories, and Sims only before known as ghosts are their alive pixelated Sim selves. I’ve used SrslySims’ blank save as my template and will only have lots in Willow Creek, Oasis Springs, and Newcrest. (There may be issues when trying to build on apartment or specially designated lots.) The neighborhoods’ un-played Sims are the original households from these worlds as well as Sims featured in the original trailers, such as Amber and Ned. The NPCs and Townies are Maxi’s-created Sims from the past years of The Sims 4 free updates, including The Arrival Household and the 2018 Sims (random ones you see in CAS now). I will also have a link to the Google doc with the Mods and CC I use to make my worlds more cohesive. Plans are to share five-minute builds of the lots on my YouTube channel over the next few months and the family stories here. But, as I learned in 2020, plans can suddenly change.

If you’ve read this far, thank you! Wishing you a Simtastic day. Dag dag!


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