Springtime in Willow Creek

Spring Has Sprung in Willow Creek and Magnolia Promenade!

Inspired by May’s sim-lit short story challenge, the Willow Creek Commercial District is now Old Town Willow Creek, Magnolia Promenade has been given a makeover, and Courtyard Lane is ready for spring. I’ve had such fun working on this story, which features Lucille Peterson and her sons, as well as other families from “The Sims 4: Parenthood Game Pack.” Courtyard Lane is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Willow Creek.

This seemingly quiet neighborhood is secretly filled with drama. Eliza Pancakes is the president of the Courtyard Lane Homeowners’ Association who always wants everything perfect (which means her way) and doesn’t approve of single-mom Lucille Peterson and her noisy, messy sons. New resident Betty Newbie, however, has other ideas on leadership for the HOA, and Karlie Keye doesn’t like the way Eliza goes for an early-morning jog with her Karlie’s husband, Jalen. Stir a few teens and a couple of wild toddlers into the mix, and it’s a perfect recipe for intrigue and subterfuge!


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