Project Lemon: A StrangerVille Tale

This story takes place in one of Shelli the Watcher’s Multiverses where Sims had the opportunity to attend university BEFORE the mystery of StrangerVille occurred, and Ned Whalen was still living in Willow Creek, tending his beloved cow plants. I thought I’d revisit the wacky world with a new story not actively revolving around the mystery, yet letting the events unfold around this household as they will probably remain unaware of anything outside their sealed bunker. A new chapter releases each Monday-Wednesday-Friday from March 20 to April 10.

StrangerVille is one of my visually favorite worlds. The contrast of the bright blue sky against the striking red rock formations is breathtaking. The Plateau seems wild and lonely, and the Creek Corner lot is probably my favorite–isolated from everyone, at the end of a winding road, with spectacular views and this lovely drive and landscaping around it. One can hear the calls of birds as they soar ahead, the wind as it swirls up dust, and the occasional plane speeding across the sky from the StrangerVille National Base to who knows where.

The sparkling purple against the green!

I’ve also become slightly obsessed with lemons and fruitcake lately after playing my Super Sim (story coming soon?). Thanks to the amazing Carl’s Sims 4 Guides, with incredibly helpful guides, I’ve learned that lemons are available year round and that fruitcake never spoils. In real life, a pandemic is unfolding before our eyes, bringing panic buying, hoarding, fear mongering, conspiracy theories, anxiety, and denial. A story began to form in my mind, and I began building and then creating a household.

If your sim likes Fruitcake, it is actually pretty useful. Fruitcake on the first bite gives a Happy+2 moodlet that lasts 4 hours. It only takes sims 4 bites to complete the serving making it a pretty fast meal to eat and fills around 3/4 of the Hunger bar.

Carl’s Sims 4 Guides “How Useful Is Fruitcake?”

Future Sims Labs’ research extends far and wide. I like to imagine a giant spiderweb or strawberry plants, with runners that extend far beyond the original plant. After all, their motto is “Better Living Through Technology,” and researchers take it quite seriously. The Labs also have collaborations with corporations and governments. Of course, Landgraab Industries partners with many of their projects, and Project Lemon is one of them. StrangerVille National Base, Foxbury Institute, University of Britechester, the National Leader–all are working on this top-secret project. What is it, you might ask?

Take a group of eight highly trained sims and place them in a well-equipped bunker for three months. They will be locked in and monitored–mental, physical, social health, their skills tracked. The project seeks to discover the effects of living underground in small quarters with limited contact to the outside world (they’ll have their cellphones, no avoiding that). Hypothesis? Take Sims who have some life experience and they will not only survive but thrive. No passing out, no wetting oneself, no starving.

The household and lot are available on the gallery, and as is the way I build and use create-a-sim these days, have no custom content.

Don’t be fooled! It may look abandoned, but this quaint cliff side plot is home to a secret underground bunker designed for “Project Lemon.” High tech security, filtration, and self-sufficiency in a homey, cheery setting. Here’s a link to Creek Corner Bunker.

The “Project Lemons” (argh, I added an “s” and can’t change it) Household is comprised of eight recent graduates in Honors Psychology, four from the University of Britechester and four from Foxbury Institute. They have been recruited by the military’s covert ops branch, and this is their first assignment. I’ve uploaded them to the gallery (after the first day of play). If you want to learn more about them, check out their biographies on “Shelli’s Worlds,” my new Tumblr.

Check out Carl’s Sims 4 Guide, YouTube Channel, and consider giving support!


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