October Is Here!

Happy Spooktober!

Here’s my spooky day themed save with only the worlds of Forgotten Hollow and Glimmerbrook (and three families in the Cottage Living world) with a few homeless townie Sims. There are two community lots: Mme Jellyfingers Cafe in Glimmerbrook and the Fledermaus Bend National Park in Forgotten Hollow. I’ve created some backstories for the households, which I hope you enjoy. I had fun with these sims because I usually do not play occult sims–this save has spell casters, vampires, ghosts, and an alien (and a few human sims as well) and families in Glimmerbrook are acquainted with one another. Sims have skills, careers, and backstories. Let me know if you decided to play, would you?

I hope you enjoy! Happy Spooktober!

Shelli’s Spooktober 2021 Save File with optional custom content is here. I recommend the following mods:

MC Command Center (All Modules and MC Woohoo)
Twisted Mexi‘s Better Exceptions, Better Build Buy
Weerbesu’s UI Cheats Extension

October 2Only Residential and Generic Community Lots Save File.

Have you ever wanted to just play in a world or two and not have Nancy Langraab jogging by your Strangerville home, Judith Ward skiing in front of you on Mt. Komorebi, or Mortimer Goth flirting at a club in Windenburg? Well, I’ve gone through and changed all (non-special) community lots to “generic” so you can use the Maxi’s lots or download whatever you want. You won’t have an empty world with just set dressing but functional community lots and residences. The save has been changed to not move in homeless sims to all those empty homes, aging off, and a few other tweaks. It’s devoid of sims except for Father Winter and Jane Doe.

October 1Last of the Bloodline” Household is also available on the Gallery (cc optional). This is the Sims 4 version of my Sims 3 Giancarlo who lives in Moonlight Falls.


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