Windenburg Update

Von Windenburg Gardens, childhood home of Lady Mimsy is a historical site and popular with locals and visitors alike.

I am terribly sad to announce that I cannot find my “Welcome to Windenburg” travel guide, my “A Brief History of Windenburg,” or any of other of my Windenburg-related documents. I can only surmise that I must have deleted the folder. This is heartbreaking for me as I spent hours of research (I literally went through all of the base game and Get Together object descriptions, as well as any relevant Vampires and Cats and Dogs descriptions) to put together my version of Sim history and then wrote the guidebooks.

Walrus Books & Gifts. Perhaps if I look hard enough, I’ll find my guides here.

The good news is that I do have a very few screenshots and a few of the builds I created based on my world-building story. I also have the general overview in my mind. However, I do not know if I have the emotional resources or time to rebuild everything at this point. I don’t exactly remember the relationship between Sir Lottalance and Lady Ravendancer, and I’m not sure the maiden name of Emily (the sea monster; well, she was once a princess). I’d taken real-life events, blended with cultural (pop, literary, film, and classic) references and the object descriptions along with watching the trailers, reading about worlds and households, and studying Sim lore to create the history of Windenburg.

Historic Windenburg City Hall in Old Town, rebuilt after the Great Fire of 1923

Perhaps I will tackle it again in the future, but for now, what I remember will be implicitly included in my future Sim stories.

With a heavy heart,



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