October Is Here!

Happy Spooktober! Here's my spooky day themed save with only the worlds of Forgotten Hollow and Glimmerbrook (and three families in the Cottage Living world) with a few homeless townie Sims. There are two community lots: Mme Jellyfingers Cafe in Glimmerbrook and the Fledermaus Bend National Park in Forgotten Hollow. I've created some backstories for … Continue reading October Is Here!

Custom Content and Mods List for Summer 2021

I've fallen down the cc/mod rabbit hole and currently have about 1.72 GB! Here is a list of cc and mods I'm currently using in my builds/CAS. I'll add the links and update as I can. I prefer to use defaults/overrides for CAS and most of my mods/cc help me with my style of game … Continue reading Custom Content and Mods List for Summer 2021