“No More Whinging”

“Leave your troubles, your complaints, behind. You have been selected!”

Future Sims Invitation

The invitation was intriguing–a possible new life lay ahead to solve all his present woes.

The young man, fit, handsome and sporting a pompadour and striped shirt with §50,000 in his pocket, slid into the shadows of the abandoned warehouse when he recognized a few people whom he didn’t want recognizing him.

Two sisters, one blonde, the other red-haired, whispered to each other, complaining about failed schemes. One older man caught his eye and glared, telling his son, “If he’s here, I’m out.”

The teen’s jaw dropped then tightened. “Dirk, if he is going, she’ll never fall for me, son,” the father continued tragically. “Go ahead, study hard, pursue your dream. I’ll just paint mine.”

Two other families completed those assembled. He didn’t recognize them, but it was obvious the favored daughter liked a son who was with his less fortunate single mom and baby brother. The other daughter complained about how unfair life was. “Quit whinging, Lilith,” her mother scolded.

His heart pounded as he heard the words of the woman he truly didn’t want discovering he was here. “Dad, this could be a chance to find Mom.” Her elderly father began to object, while her younger brother seemed saddened by their father’s incessant complaints.

This might be the escape he desperately needed–as long as he never encountered these people again.

“Thank you for coming,” an auburn-haired woman stepped into the light. “We Future Sims want to congratulate you for being chosen. Each of you is unhappy with your current lives. Now, there are no guarantees–never is with cutting-edge technology–but you will have a new reality that’s up to you to make amazing. If you agree, step over here to sign the forms and waivers with your payment of § 50,000 cash per person. If not, please say your goodbyes and exit now.”

Still in the shadows, he’d waited until everyone else had decided. Only the pregnant single mom with the toddler (“We are too broke to all go,” she cried) and Dirk’s dad left amidst hugs and tears.

After reading the waivers, the man asked, “This really gives me a fresh start?” The woman nodded, so he quickly signed his name and followed her through the locked door.

“Best of luck to you!” she said brightly.

For a moment he hesitated; she was quite an attractive woman, and his “troubles” were gone. “What was your name again?”

“I never said, but it’s Lara. Dr. Lara Landgraab, Future Sim.” She shook her head. “Sorry,” she pointed to the slablet, “but you agreed. Things might have been different, but rules are rules–and you do have quite the reputation.”

He smiled wistfully at her. “Perhaps someday.”

She smiled sadly, “Perhaps.”

The last words he heard before everything swirled around him were, “Good luck in your alternate universe, Mr. Lothario–and no refunds!”

This month’s entry is the prologue to my “Travels of Don Lothario,” the original series I began on this blog. If you’re interested in reading what happens to Don after he lands in Oasis Springs, check out the rest of the series. (And I think his adventures may continue in the Realm of Magic.)

Please take a read at all of the amazing submissions for this challenge and cast your vote for your favorites after you’ve read all of them. You can find the information and list here on Lisa Bee Sim’s Blog.

Did you guess the households from The Sims 2? I would have really enjoyed taking screenshots from The Sims 2, but I never personally played the game so don’t have it. (Hey, grown kiddo, do you?!) Here they are in order of appearance, click the links to see the Sims Wiki on the different households.

The Landgraab Family of Oasis Landing
(Lara is the baby in this picture. Is this where the labs of Future Sims originated? Let me know!)

9 thoughts on ““No More Whinging”

  1. Ooooo, this is so intriguing! So, good ol’ Don Lothario gets a reality change. I love it! It sounds like he is going to have quite the adventure. Maybe he will get more than he bargained for. LOL! It wouldn’t surprise me, and it would totally be poetic justice.

    This was a fun look back at Sims 2 as well. Man, I haven’t played that thing in forever and a day.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Very interesting and cool story! I’m obsessed with premades, so I really like seeing how other Simmers interpret them. I never had TS2 on PC, until now – and I must say these are the most interesting storylines of premade Sims in the whole series (in my opinion)!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am intrigued by the premades and love their stories, especially through the different versions. I wish I hadn’t been so busy adulting and played TS2. Seems like an amazing game.


  3. I really like this story. FYI, if you have too many screenshots for the challenge, you can always just do a forum post next time and just copy over the required number of screenshots along with your text.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. I think I’ll just do the stories for me instead of any more challenge entries. Not good for my recovering perfectionism. I was about ten seconds from deleting this entire blog and my YT channel and just quitting it all. So, what I’ve learned is that this challenge is not good for me personally. I’ll just enjoy reading what others write. 🙂


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