Mission Briefing 3: Emotional Roller Coaster (Part 3)

After scrubbing himself and his clothes, Ned pulled out the brightly-colored berries he had collected. “Well, here’s a new experiment I’ve never tried before,” he said, popping them into his mouth.

“Push ups sounds like a good thing to do,” Ned said aloud to nobody. He dropped to the floor and easily did fifty.

“I wonder if I can pick up any more clues from the group.” Ned climbed the tower to the listening station and, feeling quite focused, adjusted the dial.

“Still don’t trust him.” Ned heard Raul’s voice.

“I–might have committed light treason,” said another voice Ned didn’t recognize.

Ned burst out laughing even though he had no idea why this conversation was so funny.

Feeling restless, Ned began uncovering artifacts. His focused mind recalled everything he had read and heard about Omiscan artifacts.

“My skill and keen observation leads me to assess this as a fake,” Ned Simchatted the photo to the group, “but I’ve uncovered several valuable items. See you at the Tiki in about an hour.”

Once at the bar, Ned began feeling exceptionally flirty and complimented Luz. She eagerly accepted his compliments and began to flirt back.

Ned’s emotions began changing quickly: he felt confident, wanting to show off his dance moves; then he felt flirty again; next his emotions shifted to being merry, telling jokes. “Are you doing okay?” Alicia asked him.

“Never better. Challenge you to a game of darts!” Ned staggered over to the angry tiki dart board. “I–I–I don’t feel so well.”

Ned awakened from a feverish dream. The sun was already up. “Have you been here all night?” Julissa asked.

“I think so,” Ned murmered, still confused.

“That was a wild party,” Julissa laughed. “It was like we couldn’t help ourselves. We just had to dance. I think I danced all the way home, and Raul danced all the way to the bank this morning. Here’s your share–good haul, by the way.”

Ned thanked her, but his head was pounding. Vaguely recalling the events of his berry-induced actions, including setting his satellite dish to a “neighborhood dance party” and romancing Luz, he collapsed on the couch and fell back asleep.

“The Angry Tiki Bar” lot–the best bar around!–is on the gallery by SimDoughnut who has created the “Return to the Jungle” challenge. Check out his Tumblr!


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