Windenburg’s History Rediscovered

I have been working on my story of Sulani today and decided I needed a larger notebook. To my delight and utter surprise, I found this draft tucked inside a three-ring binder, as well as my two “research” spiral notebooks.

Somehow, I had accidentally deleted the file and had given up on ever recovering this document. If you’ve ever felt love’s labor lost, you might relate to my tumbled emotions of delight, gratitude, and relief.

What makes this especially exciting for me is that earlier today I discovered Princess Cordelia and Co. had been uploaded to the Gallery by SimGuruMorgan. The description gives additional background to this amazing Sim.

Since she features strongly in my history of Windenburg, as well as the histories of Forgotten Hollow, Brindleton Bay, and Sulani, I am really looking forward to spinning her tale.

Now, off to finish my renovations and backstory of the beautiful island of Sulani.

Link to The Princess Cordelia Houshold by Maxis.

Princess Cordelia’s home while she lived the life of a land lubber in Forgotten Hollow is on the Gallery.

Cordelia’s Cottage in Forgotten Hollow


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