Custom Content and Mods List for Summer 2021

I’ve fallen down the cc/mod rabbit hole and currently have about 1.72 GB!

Here is a list of cc and mods I’m currently using in my builds/CAS. I’ll add the links and update as I can. I prefer to use defaults/overrides for CAS and most of my mods/cc help me with my style of game play, which is totally controlling 😉 I’ve arranged them more-or-less in the order of my mods folder, which is Overrides, CAS, then by creator.

I might have a problem…

Build & Buy CC-Mods

LittleDica: Slide (needs RSVN’s Slide Into Your Mods Slide mesh)

LittleMsSam Improved: Kids Night Light, Meditation Stool, Spa Day Tablet, Yoga Mat; WEE Working Elevators Everwhere, Working Pet Water Bowls

Ravasheen: EasyPeasy Recipe Book, Functional Vending Machines, Gelato Fun, Modern Family Photo, Photographic Memory, Pizza Heaven, Retail Therapy Sports Retail Therapy); Closet; Feel the Burn Fireplace Inserts; Shop Chef (Buffet, Consumables, Ingredients); Do It Yourshelf; Ken You Not Dollhouses; Kids’ Toy Bin; Let the Party BeGin Bar Carts; Little Chefs Toy Kitchen; House About that Play Door; Hoarders Simnonymous; Cup of Cozy Hot Drink Tray; In Your Safe Piggy Banks; Market Science; Mugnificient Personal Brewer; Nectar Cooler Bar; Scent to Be Essential Oil Diffuser, Talking Animals, Build Em Blocks

SrslySims: Choosy Choices Vending Machine; Fabricator as Woodworking

Defaults and Overrides

These are all “package” (.package) files. Do not place any script (.tscript) files deeper than one folder or they won’t work. I put defaults and overrides in a separate folder so I can switch out or remove as needed.

  • LittleDica CAS Room (Style F)
  • Luumia Immersive Lighting CAS + Pets
  • PYXIS EA Teeth Begone
  • Hiroki Better Body Feet Detail
  • Luumia Vanilla Merged Default Skin
  • DFJ-KellyHB5 Whisper Eyes
  • Kijiko Lashes, Experimental (Skin Details/Ring)
  • Claudia Sharon No CC Wrench
  • GrimCookies EA Underwear Default Replacement Bra/Bottom
  • LittleDica iPhone
  • Ravasheen Play Computer Chess
  • Ravasheen Vintage Camera
  • IceMunMun: No Murphy Bed Death
  • MoxieMason: No Mosaic
  • K-Hippie Terrain Replacements: k101, k505, k606, k707
  • Lothariohoe: Loading Screens Sunrise 1, Brighter Foundations
  • MizoreYukii: No Blur in Distance
  • Noir Sims & DeShayan: Fanart Map
  • Simaginarium: Doorbell Replacement
  • Simmytime: No City Living/Island Living Names

Visual Mods and Improved Game Play

  • Luumia NoGlo
  • Lumpinou: The Mood Pack
  • McCommandCenter: AllModules, MC WooHoo
  • MintValentine: Smaller Plumbob
  • SrslySims: Simulation Lag Fix; Fabricator as Woodworking
  • Scumbumbo: Working Medicine Cabinet
  • UI Cheats
  • Twisted Mexi’s Build Mode Free Cam
  • Twisted Mexi’s Better Exceptions
  • Twisted Mexi’s Better Build-Buy
  • Twisted Mexis All Cheats, Object Destroy Fix, Story Toggle
  • XmlInjector (needed for some mods)
  • Brain Blasted Injection Tools (needed for some mods)

Calendar, Events, and Clubs

Caradriel: Food Holiday Traditions, Toddler Holiday Traditions, Kids Holiday Traditions, Writing Holiday Traditions, Gardening Event, First Toddler Birthday Party

Simularity : Island Living Traditions, Snowy Escape Traditions

Ice MunMun: Pet Holiday Traditions

LittleMsSam: More Holiday Icons (currently using Zerbu’s), Wellness Traditions,

More Interesting & Less Frustrating Game Play

Link to (Former) Scarlet mods (just about all)

Caradriel: Instant Makeup, Less Patchy Time, Better Babies & Toddlers (Need Lumpinou’s Mod)

Chingyu: Add Traits Menu, Autonomy Better Care, Smarter Social

Claudia Sharon: Hamper Holds More, No Auto Swim & Gain Hygiene, No Festival Notifications, Stop Asking for Advice, No Food Decay163

Ky-e: Lifetime Aspirations

LittleMsSam almost all her mods (unless it conflicts with other mods)

Lotharihoe: Bug Fixes Compilation; OOTD; Perennial Public Plants; Run Don’t Jog; Sim Spawn Overhaul; Sit to Eat-Drink

Lumpinou: Contextual Social INteractions

PimpMySims4: Better Elders

RoBurky: Meaningful Stories


Scumbumbo: Unlisted Phone Numbers

Severinka: OMSP

SHUSHU: Keep Sims at Home Regions, Purchase Organizer, Unhidden Traits

SimRealist: SimNationalBank

SrslySims: Plan Career Outfit Mod; Cooking Overhaul (after its updated)

ThePancake1-MizoreYukii: Cute Romance, Read Books on Bed, More Traits in CAS, Interactions from the Past

Zero Better Townies Mods: Assign Jobs, No Random Filters-Updates

Zero: All Sinks Turn off, Autonomy Toggle, Faster Eating and Drinking, Jealousy No Slapping, No Confident Brush, F-Off Reply to Scam Calls, Swim Bottom Fix, Pets RH Veterinary

CAS – Skin Details – Presets

EVOXYR Preset Ears 03 Magika
Carol-Eye Preset 1
Stretch Skeleton af Eye Preset Cherry
AS Lip Preset 2
EVOXYR Preset Lips 05 Memphis
Ratboy Mouth Preset Nine
BellesSims Nose 3, 4, 5, 6
CowFarm Simplebutton
EVOXYR Preset Nose 13 Mercy
Lamatisse Amondi Nose Preset
Lutessasims Nose Presets
PPMia Nose Preset 0002

Kijiko: Eyelash Optional Files, Eyelash V2 Skin Detail Kids, Toddler; Remove EA Lashes

BS JesstheEx Freckles 31 2t4
Plumbhead Astronomy Freckles

Plumbhead Afterglow Skinblend
Sweylish Kitten Skinblend

CAS – Hairs & Eyebrows

Luumia: Body Hair (Under Tattoos)

MarsoSims Rizal Hair

PacaPlumbobs c2a Eyebrows Merged
RheallSim Eyebrow: Pack 01, Pack 02 Merged
StretchSkeleton: Eyebrow Pack 0106 Merged

CAS – Makeup

Bluemoon: Autumn Blush
Mayberries: Simple Life Blush 2
Sagittariah: Light Peony Blush

CAS – Accessories

Kijiko Eyelash: CU v 2, TU V 2, YF v2

Ring Category:
MsBlue Nails4YouFrench
S-Club ts4 WM Nails 201912

CAS – Clothing

Fogity: Unlocked CAS Parts (by category)
GrimCookies: Snowy Escape Addons
MermaidShells: Tigerlilly
MsBlue Mona Pantyhose Collection


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