Summer Day with the Fox Family

The warm summer day began as usual for the Fox household. After breakfast and caring for toddler Dakota, Cheyenne and Shawnee took care of chores. Cheyenne finally figured out why she hadn’t been feeling well: Dakota was going to have a new brother or sister.

Cheyenne really hoped they’ll have a baby girl, but husband Shawnee secretly wished for a son. Dakota appeared to be unaware.

Cheyenne watered the garden while Shawnee saddled up Bramble. Little Dakota played inside, carefully watched over by Shep.

Even hardworking dogs need a break sometimes. Shep played ball for a bit.

Ice cream? No, thank you. Move along, creepy ice cream vendor.

Chores finished, Cheyenne took Dakota to the summer fair while Shawnee went to his part-time job as a Cash Register Specialist. The day was so hot, this woman wore her bathing suit! Nobody seemed to notice, though.

Mom and son watched the hot dog eating contest. There wasn’t much for them to do at the fair since neither could use the photo booth or go skating.

Shep loves Dakota, and the two are best friends! He kept an eye on the little tyke while Cheyenne ordered a burger. Dakota didn’t get to eat any burgers; he had a very large bottle instead.

The sun was setting as Shawnee carpooled home from work. His family was waiting for him back at the ranch. This had been a good day.

I hope you enjoyed this story with horses, contests, and cars!


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