Del Sol Heights

Once the Bailey-Moon Manor lot in Del Sol Valley, celebrity icons painter Vera Rich and actor Adrien Rich did a near tear down and complete reno. Shortly after daughter Averie was born, their realtor told them “off the record” that the Bailey-Moon Manor was getting ready to go into foreclosure and she was sure they could snap it up for a deal. Of course, they quickly made an offer Octavia Moon couldn’t resist. Both parties had excellent agents, so the official spin in the tabloids was beneficial to both the Bailey-Moons and the Rich family.

Because Adrien entertains quite often, they wanted plenty of space for guests to mingle both inside and out while having their own private family space. Vera was adament about a single story home that was modern and stylish. Her small studio overlooks the pool deck and the Valley below. A small private patio off of Vera and Adrien’s living suite provides respite. Being high maintence, Vera gets stressed quite easily, so this calming environment is a must. Adrien’s studio is off of their suite (for convenience and for Vera to quietly keep an eye on his somewhat wandering one). What was once a second floor is now an entertainment deck: Tikki bar, two hot tubs, and an outdoor sauna and spa overlook the view their guests envy.

While their lives are lived pretty much in public, the couple works hard to provide a “normal” Del Sol Valley life for Averie. So far, it seems to be working, but with Averie nearly a preteen, will this social butterfly succumb to the influences of Valley life? Vera hopes her trust in the design by Patina Wainscot will keep her art and social life trending, her husband faithful, and her daughter on the straight and narrow.

“Del Sol Heights” lot and the Rich family are both available on The Gallery (need to check “modded”) and the tray files (with CAS CC) are also available to download.

CC Used:

Surely-Sims: Golden Hour Mural Wallpaper
Gilded Ghosts & Surely-Sims: Perfect Party Stuff
Harrie: Tiny Twavellers Hedge Wall Trim
Little Bow Bub: Drinks Machine; Grannies Old Cookbook

Ravasheen (RVSN):
-Little Chef’s Toy Kitchen
-Storage Squared Toy Bin Insert v1
-Ken You Not Dollhouse
-Little Campers Kit Add On (Functional Playground)
-Fantastical Play Tent
-Skewl Is Cool (Former Glory Trophy Cabinet Mirror)
-VFX Master Controller
-Squash Goals
-Cup of Cozy Drink Kit
-Mugnificent Personal Brewer
-Cake a Break
-Let the Party Be-Gin Bar Cart
-You Know the Drill Thermostat
-Hidden Light Switch Controller/Ceiling Light

Carl’s Sims 4: Burglar Alarm

KiaraSims4Mods: Custom Traits (Vera) Artist, Beauty Lover; (Adrien) Seducer, Movie Lover

More Traits Mod


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