Destination Wedding Fun

I’ve been seeing simmers tweet pictures of the Spark’d challenge for Sims 4 and thought it might be fun to do something similar with Sims 3, especially since the theme works really well with The Sims 3! Below are my guidelines.

Choose a destination and theme for your wedding from the list below. (I’ve added a few additional ones.)

  • Beach
  • Jungle
  • Rustic
  • Spooky
  • Desert/Casino
  • Mountain
  • Romantic
  • Western/Ranch
  • Forest
  • Retro/Vintage/Future/Decade/Era (i.e., 70s or Roaring 20s or alien)
  • Socialite/Celebrity

Choose your category or categories.

  • CAS Stylist: Create a Sim couple and style them for their special day!
  • Builder: Build the Destination Wedding Venue!
  • Storyteller: Share the couple’s Destination Wedding story.

Rules? There are none, except to keep the content game-rating appropriate.

  • You may use any pack, store content, any world (including custom/CAW), custom content, poses, mods, anything! Your imagination is the limit!

Share your Photos/Story and Link your blog, Twitter post, Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, etc., in the comments (I think that’ll work, right?). Use the hashtag #Sims3DestinationWedding

If you want to share on the Exchange, include the name of your household or lot and your ID.

Happy Simming!


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