So. Many. Issues.

Sadly, I have been having many, many issues with my game. With all the events happening right now, I just want to have a bit of time to relax and play in a simulated world.

Jayden Armstrong decided to do push ups in front of a Magnolia Promenade trolley.

After hours and hours of dealing with Win 10 update problems, ultimately resulting in an automatic factory reset, I downloaded Origin again and my Sims 4 game and packs. Then I had the “Origin issue” and spent hours figuring it out–the forums and EA help were indeed helpful. Things were doing all right until the pre-Tiny Living patch, and everything has gone downhill since then. I thought my game was stable and installed a couple of mods to help me give my households skills, careers, and relationships with others in my worlds. My Shelli’s Worlds Save was nearly finished!

To say it’s been frustrating is an understatement. I had been carefully redoing every lot in every world, every household, every NPC, since November 2019, and was down to the last couple of residential lots in StrangerVille. Unfortunately, I must not have used the cheat properly, and the StrangerVille story began. No problem, I thought. I’ll just do a quick play through.

The Smith Family from The Sims 2 makes a return and moves to StrangerVille

I was getting ready for the Boss Battle when I couldn’t go to the Secret Lab. Then my game crashed. Then Origin crashed. After spending so much time needing to “verify” my games and repairing before I could even play, I was about at my wit’s end. And now, Origin wouldn’t even open. All my time to play The Sims had been used trying to fix it. I have some time-consuming things going on in my life right now, so game play is a low priority.

Washing my hands of all the Sims 4/Origin frustrations for now.

With a sad heart, I decided to uninstall Origin from my PC. Now she runs just fine. (Fingers crossed!)

(Screenshot is not the best resolution, but Generations is so much fun!)

I am currently enjoying playing The Sims 3 and can even do some moderate building. For now, the Sims 4 stories I have mapped out are on indefinite hold. It’s really nice to load up my game and play without its crashing or my computer shutting down. I had forgotten all the sweet and funny game play in TS3 and am enjoying them. I have three different saves: the Landgraabs in Sunset Valley (Nancy decided to buy out the company and fire Nick Alto, and since Malcolm showed an interest in horses, she bought the Equestrian Center and a horse). The Jolina family (shown below), also in Sunset Valley. And a family I created in Appaloosa Plains, who run a hobby farm with cows, chickens The dad is a jockey and the mom has a nectar-making business. They enjoy vacationing in Champs Les Sims. I have fun just watching them go about their day and not needing to micro-manage them.

Jamie Jolina’s “daughter” clone Janie, and toddler daughter, Joanie.

Hopefully, someday I will be able to finish my Sims 4 worlds, but until then I’m wishing you a safe and healthy spring/fall. Remember to spend time away from the computer and take care of yourself!

Dag dag,



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