I’ve decided it’s time to say “dag dag” to Sandy Beach.

As much as I enjoy the gorgeous world of Sulani and the concept of the challenge I created, when I play The Sims 4 I use mods to control my game play. As mentioned elsewhere (see my Fox Family story), I have grown weary of constantly updating my mods folder. As a result, Sandy and her legacy is on indefinite hiatus. Knowing me, I probably will not resume this save.

Sandy’s predecessor, also named Sandy, was a nature enthusiast who preferred shedding her conservationist career clothes and the feeling of sun, sand, water, and wind on her bare skin. I might do a short story about her! I have some, er, interesting screenshots.

I did have fun with CAS and doing the pre-challenge game play run through for cleaning up Sulani, but as with StrangerVille, I’m over it. Sandy may still roam the beaches of Sulani, and I’m sure I’ll enjoy seeing her (possibly cc-free) self around town.

If you are interested in my challenge, you can find the rules here. If you liked any of the cc I used for Sandy Beach, find it here.

Now, off to see what the Fox household is up to today!


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