Family Time on the Farm: A New Series?

After the recent game update and patch (or patches?), I feel as though I’ve been spending my time updating mods. By the time I’ve gone through them, I either don’t have time or interest in actually playing one of my saves. I was really excited for Island Living, but after a bit of play felt bored. Cleaning up Sulani was a grind. I don’t play the Sims to have to work hard. (That’s why I use UI Cheats and “motherlode,” upgrade mattresses with Little Ms. Sam’s comfortable beds, slow need decay with MC Command, and use Twisted Mexi’s mods/cheats!) But keeping up with these leaves little time for the actual game.

What to do? Begin a new save but with a twist! I’ve started a new game with the Fox Family who live on their farm in Appaloosa Plains. Farms in The Sims 4? Not quite.

I didn’t begin with the Fox household. I started with another household and began expanding their home. After struggling with adding a floor, I decided to switch households. (I really prefer the building tools in Sims 4.)

Shawnee and Cheyenne Fox live with their toddler, Dakota, and their faithful dog, Shep, and horses, Bramble and Willow. They have a nice farm and certainly knew how to take care of things on their own. Shawnee has maxed out the cooking skill and is a Level 9 handiness.

I spent a pleasant hour or so with this family, and it was quite enjoyable. I think I just may share their story from time to time. No mods, just a “motherlode” and an occasional “teleport me here” when there’s a thunderstorm, and some relaxing time watching this family.

Are you familiar with the Fox family? Here’s information about them:


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