Eco-Friendly on Deadgrass Isle (Part 2 of 2)

Brindleton Bay

The past few months had been hectic for Callie Bernard. Every spare minute had been spent in the planning, creating, and building of her latest project: her dream home on Deadgrass Isle. Callie was ambitious and driven, and this new venture fed her creativity as well. She adopted a kitten, Zoe, who stayed with Callie’s brother until her new home was ready.

Finally, moving day arrived. Callie and Zoe looked around their new home.

“What do you think, Zoe?” Callie asked her friend. “There is so much for you to explore. I’ve brought all the things I’ve collected from my travels, and the rest is upcycled or repurposed. We aren’t quite off the grid–I need my laptop and phone for work, but our new home is eco friendly.” Callie purred contentedly.

The next morning Mayor Whiskers stopped by for a visit. He had no idea that shipping containers and recycled/repurposed materials could feel so homey, and he meowed his approval. In fact, he was so impressed he was going to ask the planning board to consider using shipping containers for the new Brindleton Bay Homeless Pets Shelter. “You’re welcome in our home anytime,” Callie told the Mayor.

Callie enjoyed the natural lighting from the large windows. Even during summer, overcast days were common, but her home seemed airy and spacious. Researching stocks had never been more enjoyable, and she looked forward to the time when she could work from home.

During the frequently rainy weekend days, she played concertos on her keyboard, worked out, or painted. She felt connected with the outdoors. Her new home was perfect, and Callie wanted to spend the rest of her days on Deadgrass Isle.

Zoe agreed.

This story was inspired by Ninnstero00’s “Eco-Friendly Build Challenge.” (Tours are streamed 4 August 2019). Check out the rules here.

I chose Number 4: “Shipping Container” and the lot on Deadgrass Isle in Brindleton Bay. I’d created a household, “Bernard,” when Cats and Dogs was first released with the story in mind that the Captain was a descendant of the fated Saint Bernard’s captain. While that captain now roamed in his ghostly form, his son had traveled to Brindleton Bay and decided to become a lighthouse keeper so that no more ships would wreck trying to reach the harbor. Fast forward through the centuries, where Captain Bernard, a fisherman, and his son lived on the island. Old Bernie was the last lighthouse keeper, and from there begins this tale.

I hope you enjoyed it. For more pictures of the build, check my Instagram and Tumblr. Watch the speed build and home tour, premiering 4 August, on my You Tube channel.

“NinniEco Container Home” built on “Deadgrass Discoveries” 30×30 lot

The Household of Callie and Zoe


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    1. Thank you for your comment–I really appreciate it. I was happy that she was able to befriend him (he is hard to befriend sometimes, I think).


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