Hopping Into Spring

Flower Bunny Day Arrives in Windenburg

The morning dawned clear and bright, and the Behr-Munch family was excited for this year’s Flower Bunny Day. After a quick breakfast, they headed over to Hare Square where everything was in bloom and the cloudless blue sky promised a day of family fun.

Eggs were scattered throughout the park, and the twins had fun searching for them. They discovered eggs in the bushes, underneath park benches, and even one behind the jungle gym.

Gunther joined in the hunt with his daughters. He rationalized that he could use this experience for an article he was writing on Windenburg’s spring traditions, but Yuki knew her husband was still a kid at heart.

After they’d found their eggs and visited with the Flower Bunny, Yuki suggested they order from the seasonal food stall. She even told the girls they could order cupcakes for dessert. Yummy vanilla and red velvet were quickly chosen.

[Photo Added Later]

While Gunther worked on a draft of his article and the girls played on the space cruiser, Yuki took a much-needed nap in the sunshine. All in all, this had been a Flower Bunny Day to remember for the Behr-Munch family.

The lot, Hare Square Bunny Day, is available on The Gallery as is the updated Behr-Munch household and their home.

Wishing you a Happy Flower Bunny Day and whatever Spring/Fall traditions you celebrate!

Note: I was having trouble uploading images, so I may or may not get around to adding more for this short story.


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