We’re on a Road to Nowhere: The Smith Family Home

101 Road to Nowhere, Shady Acres Development, StrangerVille, SimNation

The iconic Smith Family from The Sims 2 was made available in The Sims 4. Where better to live than StrangerVille, close to relatives and strange events? Pollination Technician #9 has retired to his favorite planet to raise his family, and this is their “spage-age” home.

I’ve been in an 1950s-60s “atomic age” mood lately, and as I was thinking about their home, I thought of this video, “The Westinghouse All Electric Home” and the bright promise the future held. Let’s meet the Smith family, shall we?

When Pollination Technician #9, retired to his favorite planet, he took the surname “Smith” and married his sweetheart, Jenny Curious. He’d always dreamed of settling down and having children the “old-fashioned way,” and StrangerVille seemed the perfect place to raise a family. Years have passed since then, and he has spent his time as a stay-at-home dad, successfully passing himself off as just another typical Sim.

Jenny is an Assistant Nurse at The Mustard Clinic, and while she would prefer to be home with her family, her paycheck supports them. When she and PT (as she calls him) married, neither of them realized he wouldn’t receive a pension for retiring. “It’s just not done, I learned,” PT told his new bride. “Nobody ever seems to retire as a Pollination Technician. I suppose it’s more of a life than a career.” Seeing Jenny’s sad face, he offered to “apply for a job at the lab if you want.” Jenny didn’t want that. She’d seen too many emergency room patients with strange illnesses or accidents wearing ID badges from the lab.

Now, years later, the family has been able to save enough money to have their dream home built, high atop the plateau in the gated community of Shady Acres. Jenny’s brothers live nearby, and their teen son Johnny’s girlfriend, Ophelia, lives with her aunt just down the road. The Smiths are just a typical StrangerVille family.

PT enjoys barbecuing burgers for his family in the soft evening sunlight. He appreciates their covered patio with a modern gas grill and is working on perfecting his burger-flipping skills.

Perhaps the only things PT loves more than his family is his lawn, a green oasis against the desert sand and rock. Even his lawn is space age–it never needs trimming or mowing.

Jenny is resigned to her work at the clinic and looks forward to her evenings and weekends with family. She and Jill enjoy working on school projects together. With some advice about finishing touches from her dad, Jill is certain her solar system will take the highest marks, but she lets her mom help out with the beginning of the project.

None of the other kids at Landgraab Elementary know her dad has first-hand knowledge of space. Sometimes Jill wonders what they’d think if they saw her dad’s vehicle in the garage, and it’s a secret that makes her giggle sometimes. Perhaps one day, she’ll be able to visit her father’s family. For now, she dreams about it while assembling her project.

Johnny has decided he better put in some time doing homework. He has plans to attend Foxbury Institute and knows he either needs a scholarship or will have to take out loans. His rival, Tank Grunt, has been boasting that he’s going to receive an athletic scholarship. “Fighting scholarship, more like it,” Johnny wrote in his journal. No matter, he will put in the work to get his grade up to an “A” before graduation. At least those are his plans.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have TwistedMexi’s StrangerVille story mod in this save, so things were becoming a bit strange. I thought, “Okay, fun opportunity to play through the story line again.” Sadly, as the sims were about to go into the boss battle, the game crashed and the whole save allegedly is corrupted. If that weren’t heartbreak enough, I experienced a repeat of the Origin glitch I’d repaired back in January or February. My gaming laptop was really not liking The Sims 4 or Origin at the point, so, completely frustrated, I tucked away this save on external drive and uninstalled Origin from my computer. I’ve been playing The Sims 3 since March but came across the draft of this post and thought I’d go ahead and publish it. I honestly don’t know when or if I will return to playing The Sims 4. At least this post will round out what I had finished for my renovating all the worlds.

Note as of July 2020, Fingers crossed, I’ll be able to play in the save–or at least place my “tray” (household and lot) files in a new save.


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