May the Fourth Be With You!

George L’Ernitage decided to host a Star Wars themed party with his friends and a few coworkers from Future Sims Labs. They had a great time. Would you guess that his home is completely underground?

Aileen Ravu and Cole Henson play a rousing game of ping pong.

George mixes up a bowl of kava for his guests, Brett Stubbs, Bill Wu, and Coeus Leto, while Servo checks to see if there’s anything needed and Baby Yoda keeps Bill entertained.

Marcus Raven shows off his mad soccer skillz. Apparently, he didn’t get the memo about the Star Wars theme. Happy Star Wars day, and May the Fourth be with you!

The Sul Sul household and scientist’s home are on the gallery. Unfortunately, I’m having trouble getting to the gallery, but they should (fingers crossed) be there if you want to download them.


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