Sims 3 LEPacy Challenge

Sunset Valley at Moonrise

I’ve never been able to stick with a legacy challenge before. However, I found a challenge that looks fun and interesting and has very few rules: The LEPacy Challenge. (In case you’ve been living under a rock as I have been, I’ve included the official challenge below.)

Here are the generations and worlds along with planned Lifetime Wishes, subject to change. I have the age settings on a fairly short lifespan and will be incorporating Generations and Seasons game play/events, etc., throughout the generations instead of as their own because I consider those packs essential to game play. (Note: The posts may be sporadic as my computer is struggling these days.)

Generation 1: Base Game (Sunset Valley)–World Renown Surgeon

Generation 2: World Adventures (Sunset Valley/Champs Le’Sims)–Perfect Nectar Cellar

Generation 3: Ambitions (Twinbrook)–Paranormal Profiteer

Generation 4: Late Night (Bridgeport)–One Sim Band

Generation 6: Pets (Apaloosa Plains)–The Jockey

Generation 6: Showtime (Starlight Shores)–Vocal Legend

Generation 7: Supernatural (Moonlight Falls)–Greener Gardens

Generation 8: University Life (Riverview)–Scientific Specialist

Generation 9: Island Paradise (TBD, probably a custom world or “fixed” world)

Generation 10: Into the Future (Oasis Landing, “home world” TBD)

At the beginning of this challenge, I don’t currently have Supernatural or Island Paradise or the Store worlds of Dragon Valley, Hidden Springs, or Barnacle Bay and have been buying them as I find them on sale. I’m hoping for a sale so I can purchase Supernatural and Island Paradise.

If you’ve read this far, I thought I’d add that I actually played through the beginning of the fourth generation with Christopher Steel and Jamie Jolina, but somehow I managed to delete all the screenshots from the second generation, and then things became really wonky and the game stuttered really badly. It was a very interesting story, though, because Christopher and Jamie’s brought his imaginary friend to life and so the family moved to Forgotten Hollow Midnight Hollow–a very unusual town. I might add some of their story because I have many screenshots of Christopher mastering his fishing aspiration, which in itself was a challenge!


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