Project Lemon: Harvest Fest, Fall Day 5

Journal excerpts from each volunteer on Harvest Fest, Fall Day 5.

Journal Entry, Jayceon Barron I told Stacey I was planning to make a grand meal for Harvest Fest. What neither she nor the others but Capt. McAlister has become aware of is that our supplies are dangerously low. I was able to cook a Tofurkey and a Sim City cheesecake. Stacey said that was her mom’s signature dish before she died, so I hope it will cheer her up. It’s in the fridge. Going to make the Tofurkey now. At least we have plenty of emergency food (animal crackers, cheese and crackers, and such). Today, I’ll try to make it special.

Journal Entry, Patrice Britt I had never eaten Tofurkey before, but it was really tasty. If I didn’t know that only the lemons used were fresh, I’d never have known this was a lab-created meal. I’m even more interested in the link between synthetic and laboratory food and harvestables. Perhaps I will see if somehow I can work in this field. Overall, a great Harvest Fest!

Journal Entry, Stacey Acosta Delicious! What a feast! The Tofurkey was pretty good, but the Sim City cheesecake brought back so many happy memories. Jayceon is such a good friend. How can I ever show my appreciation?

Journal Entry, Lexie Betts 1800: Harvest Fest meal. Tofurky, not bad. Sim City Cheesecake. Okay. I’m fine.

Daily Vlog, Captain Jami Douglas: Harvest Fest was a success! Even thought we have not had a daily briefing, I am assured by Bunker Chief Captain McAlister our reports are being received. So here’s mine . . . .

Journal Entry, Jase Hwang We had a surprisingly great HarvestFest grand meal. A real feast! Jayceon somehow made a delicious turkey dinner that I only found out later was actually something called tofurkey. We had cheesecake for dessert. I definitely am calling this my favorite dessert now! Later, I chatted with Patrice as she worked out on the treadmill and we shared our thankful spirit. I’m thankful to have such a good crew–Patrice makes sure all my clothes are pristine, and it really makes a difference. I think I’m going to miss everyone after this is over–but I know we have definitely made a difference! Ending this entry with gratitude.

Journal Entry, Gerald McAlister Trying to boost morale. Captain Barron’s grand meal did so much to lift our spirits. I’m becoming concerned that we have not received a daily briefing. Asked Captain Acosta to assist me in the equipment room, told her cleaning needed to be done. Everything appears to be in order, equipment working and all. Have instructed the team to continue with reports.

Addendum: Woke up and realized Captain Frazier was not in our sleeping quarters. Since we are sealed in, I can only trust that if she has tried to sneak in some cooking or something else, the alarm system will be triggered. In trying to recall the last time I saw her, I don’t remember anything after we were called to the grand meal. Will notify superiors in the morning.

Journal Entry, Haylee Frazier I was feeling really confined, and to my surprise, the door was not locked–not even the sealed door! So I went out and boy was it good to feel the sun on my face. I think I may have discovered a new plant. Took notes. Had to sleep outside. Sneaked back in before dawn and don’t think anyone noticed. I’m really curious about this plant. Is it edible?

Watcher’s Note: I’ve been playing on Speed 3 (fast) and just observing, taking screenshots if I see something interesting. I was watching as everyone enjoyed their Harvest Fest meal and went upstairs to see if any gnomes had spawned. It was then I realized somehow Haylee Frazier had sneaked outside and was wandering around outside of the lot! Before I knew it, she was “researching” the bizarre plant that must have spawned on the lot. I was a bit perturbed so placed a Selvadoradian bush for her. She must have also sneaked food because I saw an empty bowl (next to her boot!). For such a “good” sim, she certainly is a trouble maker. She nearly caught the place ablaze when I forgot to lock the door after Jayceon cooked; I’m thinking I may have unlocked the door during the fire so they could route to safety and that’s how she escaped.


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