Project Lemon: Epilogue

For three seasons, Spring Day 1 until Winter Day 1, the volunteers of Project Lemon remained in their underground bunker (except for the Harvest Day incident involving Haylee Frazier), completely unaware of what was occurring above ground.

Just after dawn, Winter Day 1, the volunteers were told to don hazmat suits (since they had been in a sterilized environment) and ascended to ground level under the bright winter desert sun.

They loaded into a waiting van where they were presented an offer to continue the project.

Six of the eight members of the team were then flown to an undisclosed location.

Now, acting as advisers, researchers, and monitors, they will be responsible for tracking eight civilian abductees volunteers, to see how well untrained, unskilled, and potentially unmatched persons can survive live for one season.

Careful where you go jogging, Nancy Landgraab. You might be a great test subject, and, really, who would miss you?

Lexie Betts and Haylee Frazier opted not to continue with the project so were given their civilian belongings and taken to the Shady Acres Rapid Transit Stop, where they have allegedly returned to San Myshuno and Brindleton Bay, respectively, to pursue other careers.

As for what is occurring around StrangerVille, the scientists from the StrangerVille labs and the StrangerVille military say there is nothing to worry about.

They have the situation under complete control.

Nothing to see, move along, please. Everything is fine.


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