Project Lemon: Fall Day 7

Tomorrow at 0800, we will be entering through the sealed doors once again and will no longer call our cheery bunker “home.”

Journal Entry, Patrice Britt, Fall, Day 7

Patrice Britt, Granddaughter of Brigadier General Britt, Ret., and a San Myshuno Spice Market native, U Brite grad, and Gardening Crew (Chief Gardener, promotion); Traits: Good, Ambitious, Genius, Business Savvy

So much as happened, and I have attempted to document everything, both in this informal journal, and in official reports. Not once since our arrival have I really missed the outdoors. I suppose it is because my primary responsibility has been to tend the garden, and that takes up quite a bit of my time. Especially after Captain Frazier was transferred to the Day Room Crew. Captain Betts has been a good assistant, and we have gathered useful data. In conjunction with Captain Barron’s culinary project, I am confident our time here has been valuable.

Except for the kitchen fire, life has been calm and structured. My take away is that a team of highly trained, healthy, and ambitious people are more than capable of thriving in these conditions. Healthy relationships have been formed, skills increased, and it is my belief that most of us are leaving healthier and more fit than when we arrived. I will be filing my final report after this journal entry.

Bunker Chief Capt. McAlister has not yet received any instructions. In fact, we have not received a morning briefing in some days. I attribute this to part of the project. We are sending daily reports, and the monitoring equipment appears to be functioning. We have no supplies but the emergency — animal crackers, cereal, chips, and milk plus enough for one more group meal. I’ve been eating cheese and crackers and animal crackers, cereal and wonder, also, if I have increased my body weight in the past few days as my clothes appear tight even though I am exercising daily. Has our diet changed our metabolism? I’m sure everything will be explained during the debriefing, and this may be a side-effect of living underground for three seasons.

I am looking forward to being able to contact my grandma, Retired Brigadier General P.J.B. Britt. If she receives clearance and is able to read my journal, I will end it with: Grandma, I love you. Thank you for being my guardian, my mentor, and my inspiration. I hope I’ve made you proud!


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