Project Lemon: Fall, Day 4

It’s almost over, thank the llama!

Journal Entry, Haylee Frazier: Fall, Day 4

Haylee Frazier, from Brindleton Bay and U Brite Grad, is former Gardener reassigned to Latrine Specialist;
Traits: Good, Loner, Neat, Gregarious

Halfway to the end of the final season. Not that I’ve been counting down until recently, but latrine duty has not been fun. I know I probably should have read the paperwork more closely before I signed on for this project, but I was just wanting a job after university. One that be impressive enough for my parents. I can’t imagine if my older sister ever finds out that my part in all this was keeping the toilets clean. I’ll never live it down. She’s probably discovered some new cure or something, being a scientist over at the Labs in StrangerVille.

Not to say that I haven’t had some good moments. The food Captain Barron cooks has been really good, but ever since we had the days of unending fruitcake, I’ve had such an appetite. I do my required 30 minutes of exercise, but my fatigues are feeling tighter. I wonder if I have some intolerance to lemons that’s making me gain weight. I know they take weekly labs, but I don’t get the results.

I guess part of why I’m complaining so much is the monotony. I’m around people who thrive on learning new things all the time, and Jami just spends her free time working out. The rest of the Day Room Crew (Stacey who is the laundry specialist, and Jase who kinda supervises all of us) are nice and we work well together. Patrice was buddy-buddy when I was part of the gardening crew, but nowadays it’s like she doesn’t want to really talk with me. Lexie is a strange one. One minute she’s saying how cozy it is living underground and the next she’s whispering some conspiracy in my ear.

I haven’t written down my suspicions in case she’s right, but now that our daily briefings have inexplicably ceased this week, I wonder if there’s some truth to what she thinks. And the fact that I’m just so hungry all the time.

Ever since Captain Barron and Bunker Chief Captain McAlister reported me, I’ve been on latrine duty. I just wanted a plumb-llama grilled cheese a bit ago. Nothing was hurt, and I had it under control, but Jayceon barged in and got fire-prevention foam all over the place. Just because he controls what we eat makes him all high and mighty. I get why Caption McAlister had to notify the higher ups, but Jayceon, for llama’s sake.

If I get in trouble for writing this all down, well, too bad. I want what’s best for everyone, but I’ve realized that only talking about the good can be . . . .

Due to a temporary power outage, this is where Haylee Frazier’s journal entries end.


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