Project Lemon: Fall Day 1

Going into the third–and final!–season, I think I can say I am an expert at laundry. I know how my dad felt when he used to ask me, “Are those clothes really dirty?”

Journal Entry, Stacey Acosta: Fall, Day 1

Stacey Acosta, Willow Creek native and Foxbury Institute grad, is Laundry Specialist, Day Room Crew;
Traits: Good, Neat, Genius, Quick Learner. Her arrival photo.

As we head into our final season, I think this is a good time for me to reflect on my experiences so far. At first, I was a bit disappointed to be given what I thought was a meaningless job: laundry. But I’ve learned how important it is, actually. Every item of clothing must be kept sparkling clean and sanitary, and since our crew of eight has not only our fatigues for daily wear, our exercise clothes, nighttime clothes, but also three additional outfits, this is a tremendous task. I’ve seen the willingness for nearly everyone to pitch in to help as well.

Our days are divided among duties, skill building, and other tasks, and they have really gone by quickly. I feel as though I have several new friends, with whom I’ll be in touch even after we leave.

I think the hardest challenge for me this fall is missing out on Harvest Fest. Even when I was at Foxbury, I was able to go home to celebrate. My mom’s mom, Grandma Nellie, always cooks an enormous Harvest Fest feast, and our home will full of my grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins. It’s crazy compared to our usually quite home with Dad, Grandma Nellie, and me, and sometimes I would retreat to my room to be alone, but now I think I’ll miss it. Jayceon said he has plans to cook a Harvest Fest feast for us: Tofurkey and Sim City cheesecake. That’s one thing I remember about my mom, her Sim City cheesecake. So kind of Jayceon to remember my telling him about it. I think I’ll even miss those plumb gnomes that irritate granddad so much. One year, he kicked one–not a good decision.

Also, I realized that I think I’ve finally caught up on all the sleep I’ve been missing since high school. Being a Scout, working hard to get accepted into Foxbury, then the crazy university schedule. All that really took a toll. Now, I sleep so soundly. Perhaps that has something to do with the sleeping pods? I know they capture data on sleep; wouldn’t it be great if that could help students?

I have learned so much, too, so I’m not complaining. Every day, I learn a new skill, and even am an expert at laundry. Who would have thought that there are some better processes than others? I was able to write a report on my experiences, and I think they may even implement some of my suggestions, which is kinda exciting.

Since I’m feeling a bit down, I think I’ll go see if someone wants to join me in a game of chess. We have free time after dinner tonight–I was going to ask Captain McAlister, but I think he’s getting ready for his evening yoga routine. Speaking of sleep, Patrice is already in her pj’s, and I’m trying not to laugh. That’s something I’ll probably miss when the project ends. There’s always someone to play chess with–or discuss logic or even rockets. Even though I’m missing my family, I have this new one, the crew.


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