Project Lemon: Summer, Day 6

The challenge of cooking with synthetic (lab-produced) foodstuffs and the lemons we harvest here has been invigorating. I’m happy to report that in the nearly two seasons we’ve been here, I have yet to flip one burger! Sorry, Mom and Dad, if you somehow read this–Hogan’s burgers are great, and I actually miss them.

Journal Entry Jayceon Barron, Summer Day 6.

After having the freedom to cook for nearly a whole season, I can say that my skills have improved tremendously. I am an expert in lemon fruitcake, which I think is a really good recipe, and it’s a shame that our bodies view it as dessert. This varietal of lemons, the Oasis Springs Hybrid, has a lightly sweet taste, much less sour than the ones I’ve purchased at the Spice Festival’s produce stand. The skin is easy to zest or even peel and adds a slight bitter touch.

Jayceon Barron, Oasis Springs resident whose parents own a Hogan’s Burger Bar (a chain restaurant), is a Foxbury Institute grad and the Cook; Traits: Good, Neat, Bookworm, Gregarious

I submitted my report earlier today on the three phases of my part in the project. As mentioned, fruitcake is fairly filling, pleasant tasting, shelf stable, and easy to carry. One fruitcake could easily last a person two or three days. My hope is that I will be able to continue researching ways to reduce the “dessert” factor.

The lemons are surprisingly un-satiating. The skin is thin enough that they can be eaten whole, like an apple and they are delicious. I did receive communication that grafts from our lemons will be used to (hopefully) create a more filling variety. I’m no gardener, so I don’t understand the process. Still, it is good to know that we are contributing knowledge. Lexie was working on compiling a report a few days ago. She still doesn’t seem to trust the group, but I think we have a good working relationship.

So, everything was going well–as I keep writing in my journal–until yesterday. I had not locked the door to the kitchen (as I’ve said, I am the only one who has access), and since I was working on my report, food supplies were a bit low. I had prepared dinner–I have found that “buffet style” with two to three options works best to prevent appetite fatigue. For some reason Captain Patrice Britt decided she wanted to make a grilled cheese sandwich. I have access to bread and a special kind of cheese, which she discovered in the unlocked kitchen.

The smoke alarm went off, and everyone began almost panicking but not quite. Since we are in a sealed facility, we are solely reliant on the automated system. I discovered Captain Britt attempting to put out the fire. She was singed, so I assisted. What a mess! It took several hours to clean, but fortunately the stove was not damaged.

So, as Grandpa Barron said when my dad nearly burned the house down as a teen, “All’s well that ends well.”


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