Project Lemon: Summer, Day 2

Tofu Chicken Sambalta uses lemons. It tastes delicious as well as being satisfying.

Journal Entry Lexi Betts: Summer, Day 2

Lexi Betts, daughter of a food stall vendor and single parent, from The Spice Market in San Myshuno and U Brite Grad, tends the garden. Traits: Paranoid, Self-Assured, Genius, Collector.
  • Roll Call 0600
  • Breakfast 0700: French Toast
  • Exercise 0800-0830
  • Garden Duties 0830 to 1200
  • Lunch 1200: Fruit Salad
  • Free Time 1300-1645: Played chess, exercise (training bot), socialized
  • Dinner 1700: Lobster Tortellini
  • Evening: Researched gardening techniques, showered
  • Bed 2300

Lexi’s journal entries have been in bullet fashion with scant personal notations. One entry on the second day indicated she thought a bug had been placed on her. Give her paranoid trait, this would indicate the reasoning behind her strictly factual reports.


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