Project Lemon: Spring Day 3

Journal Entry: Jami Douglas, Spring Day 3

I’m getting into the routine pretty easily. Even though we don’t have any clocks, we still have a routine, which I like.

We wake up just before dawn. Oh, I don’t think I’ve mentioned our sleeping quarters. At first it seemed kind of weird, but we have a dimly lit sleeping quarters downstairs and each of us has a special sleeping pod. I thought of my parents, who used to always tell about boot camp and how uncomfortable the bunks were. Lol. They’d be shocked to see the luxury, but then, that’s covert ops, I guess. Anyway, the pods are pretty comfortable and I get a good night’s sleep–much better than in the dorms at U Brite or that lumpy twin I had growing up. So we get up before dawn and then go upstairs to the dining area for breakfast. The first couple of days, we had a fridge with yogurt, sandwiches, some microwave meals, soda pop, and popcorn. But this morning, when we went up, our common area was a little different, too. Jayceon is our cook, and he said he had been instructed to bake batches of fruitcake. Lemon fruitcake, I might add. I used to hate fruitcake whenever we moved and the welcome wagon showed up, but this stuff is pretty good. Jace told me to enjoy the popcorn and stuff because he thinks they’ll pull it pretty soon.

So after we have breakfast, we have a briefing. Our acclimation time ends tonight, and today, we were assigned chores and skill duties. Not sure what everyone else does, but I was assigned to give the morning briefings. I didn’t realize that today was the beginning of wearing our required dress so ran down and changed really fast. In addition to our fatigues and a non-military casual wear, we have been issued cover ops suits. So I put mine on while Stacey and Gerald stalled for me and answered questions from our superiors. They wanted to see our common room in action, so I volunteered to do the assigned workout routine. Only after I started did I remember I was in a suit, not fatigues. Duh. Oh well, if they don’t like it, too bad, right? Maybe I shouldn’t write this down. Are they going to check our journals? Oh llama, I wish I’d paid more attention during orientation. Mom says I’m a day dreamer. “You’re a bright kid, Jami, but you’re always off in your own little world.” Well, I’m yawning so I’m going to head to my sleeping pod. Tomorrow is the official start of Project Lemon. Good thing I like them.


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