A Lady Has Her Secrets

Plateau Place Victorian is the Home to the Beaker Family

Once a bland beige or some other dull shade and now a cheery yellow, Plateau Place is a stately Victorian. With her new bright hue, she is definitely a “painted lady.” The Beaker family has recently purchased this home and done extensive remodeling. Unfortunately, it isn’t completely finished as they ran out of funds.

Circe is a workaholic. She puts in long hours at the medical clinic and then long hours at home. One of the features that appealed to her was the unfinished third floor attic. Her husband, Loki, a scientist at Future Sims Labs, agreed. He, too, works non-stop. The couple wanted a place where their children, Atom and Ceres, could learn and grow. Plus, butler’s quarters would be a bonus.

With the Rapid Transit System’s new stop in Shady Acres and home prices down for some reason, the Beakers agreed that this was a good time to move.

The Shady Acres Rapid Transit stop helps you Get to Work!

The views are spectacular, and the home is built on a large lot off a private drive.

The foyer has the original dark paneling and parquet floor. A mahogany sliding door leads to the parlor.

The small music room will give the children a place to practice.

Next to the music room is the spacious formal dining room. Ceres fell in love with it.

She wasn’t impressed with the over-sized chandelier, so it went and was replaced by a ceiling light from the Plumbob Pickers.

The kitchen has yet to be updated, but as neither Circe nor Loki is interested in cooking — and plan to hire a butler who will take care of it — they chose not to spend money renovating the outdated room.

The family brought their small appliances — espresso machine, tea maker, ice cream maker are a must — and Loki found a stand alone dishwasher on Simazon (free delivery!).

A family room across from the kitchen makes for a comfortable place to relax.

A water closet (room with a toilet) was added to the house at some point and a utility sink as well. (The bathroom is to the left.)

The large service porch is home to the laundry area and a place to play chess. It leads to the back yard, which has an enormous pool.

The upstairs has two bedrooms. Circe and Loki weren’t too fussed about their bedroom and didn’t change anything. “We’re only in here to sleep and change clothes, so give me a comfortable bed, and a large closet, and I’m happy.”

A television/radio/bookcase combo received Loki’s approval.

The landing is a place for family game night and for the children to check their scouting progress and opens onto a large deck with a hot tub, seating area, and small container garden.

Now, if only Circe would take a moment to relax, she could enjoy this view!

The bathroom is unchanged, added under the stairs to the attic when indoor plumbing became fashionable. Perhaps they’ll decide to remodel it soon?

The couple spent most of their renovation funds redoing the children’s bedroom. It is bright and spacious with plenty of space to study and pursue scientific and creative interests.

Atom is a big Voidcritters fan and has put a new Voidcritters pack on his wish list. Circe has asked for a laptop for Winterfest so she can play Math Attack. Winterfest is still a season away, so it will be hard for them to wait. Hopefully, Father Winter will bring their requests!

Keeping the children’s room organized is important for Circe. She wants her children to be “A” students and child prodigies. No pressure, kids!

A playroom gives the pair plenty of space for activities to enhance their imagination.

The deck off of their room has two science activity tables — plus a fire prevention system.

A comfortable butler’s quarters, complete with en-suite bath and private deck, has been added to the previously unfinished attic. It may take a while, but the couple is certain they will find the right butler to look after the family.

The butler’s bath is has a new tub and sink, plus the same old-style high-tank toilet found in the other two bathrooms. The home is heated with radiators and can be a bit chilly, especially after the fireplace in the children’s room was removed. An updated thermostat-controlled heating system is ordered and should be installed before the family moves in.

As you can see, this large family home is well suited for the Beaker family who plans to enjoy it for years to come.

“Plateau Place Victorian” is available on The Gallery. It hasn’t been play tested yet since I don’t want to start the StrangerVille story.

Unofficial Photos Taken by Anonymous Journalist [Redacted]

The Beakers have a laboratory in the attic. While it isn’t as large as they would have preferred, it is functional and allows them to perform research at home.

State-of-the-art equipment in a completely sterilized facility; this is unusual for a home laboratory.

I’m not quite sure what this purpose of this room is. The journalist’s notes did not specify, and we cannot locate him for follow up.

Shh. This old Victorian lady holds a secret and a very Nervous Subject.

Many thanks to Maxi’s for making The Beaker Family available on The Gallery. Here’s a short background of them.


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