Cliff Side Crest Adobe, Home to the Curious Brothers

Pascal, Lazlo, and Vicund Curious are intrigued with the thought of life beyond the stars. They have built their dream home on the bluff in StrangerVille, not too far from family. Cliffside Crest Adobe seems to be the perfect place to pursue science and other stranger things.

The Curious Brothers, Maxi’s tribute to the iconic Sims 2 family.

The home is built around a courtyard, which is an entertainment area, and has plenty of room for them and family who might visit. Their adobe is an eclectic blend of traditional desert building techniques, the Simta Fe Architectural Movement, and Victorian styles, which reflect the brothers’ personalities. It stands out in Shady Acres neighborhood as all the others are traditional Victorians. No word yet on whether or not the Mayor and his wife approve of the new home. Perhaps when the Welcome Wagon arrives, they’ll discuss neighborhood changes.

The tile and stucco keep the courtyard cool, and large windows provide cross-ventilation. Lazlo wanted to add some humorous touches. Grilled cheese is a staple, and he was amused when he learned the chairs came in grilled cheese swatches. Vicund is considering planting some jungle plants from Selvadorada. That’s their next project. For now, they are settling in.

A small study overlooks the front of the house and entry. Evenings can dip into the chilly weather, so a fireplace will keep them cozy. Not shown is a seating area in front of the window that overlooks the cliff side.

Their kitchen isn’t fancy, but it has a functional layout. Pascal plans to harvest fruit from the trees to use when they cook. They have plenty of canned goods in store for cooking in the meantime. Vicund wishes they had a dishwasher, but perhaps after they pay off their mortgage, they will buy one.

Beautiful desert views can be seen from the dining area and when sparring on the training bot. A doorway leads out onto the wraparound, covered veranda.

Stairs in Selvadoradian tile lead to the roof, where their observatory is ready for them to search the sky. The afternoon is sunny and clear, and they are looking forward to stargazing tonight. Who knows what they’ll discover?

Lazlo’s and a second bedroom, are to the left with stairs leading down to two more bedrooms, Vicund’s and Pascal’s, with a small patio open to the sky. Pascal can get his creative juices going with the scenery, and has the patio all to himself for painting.

Each set of bedrooms has a connecting bath. Below is Lazo’s.

I’ve been redoing StrangerVille as part of a complete renovation of every lot and household. I downloaded several of The Sims 2 households, including the Curious brothers, to live in StrangerVille. When I read Krystal Gamer’s Tweet about a StrangerVille challenge, I felt inspired. This home uses only Base Game and StrangerVille and is available on The Gallery. I chose objects that referenced aliens and stars (e.g., chess table “Chess Under the Stars” just for fun. (Note: I haven’t play tested yet because I don’t want to start the StrangerVille story and will need to install Twisted Mexi’s Story Toggle mod.

The roof has the observatory, plus a hot tub and two lounge chairs–great for enjoying the spectacular red rock view while relaxing. I wanted the home to reflect the desert around it and have a connection to the landscape.

The main level is climate controlled naturally with a wrap around veranda and a courtyard in the center. Lazlo’s bedroom is on the left, the bathroom connecting to a bedroom for their “surprise” (or two). The veranda has lemon, cherry, plantain, pear, and other trees as well as a chess table. Just outside the gate is a microscope. Since there is a lovely seating area, I wanted it to flow as part of their home. I imagine them sitting on the bench overlooking the valley as the sun sets.

The courtyard reflects Lazlo’s goofball personality with the re purposed truck grill lights “Not a Scrap,” Larry’s Knick Knack Bar, and the “Bar Back of Shelly’s Photo” (too bad they misspelled my name, haha!). On the other side is the jukebox-style stereo and a seating area with television.

The lower level. Pascal’s room is on the right and Vicund’s is on the right. A small storage room and super-secret science study room are opposite. (This is StrangerVille, after all, so a panic room isn’t such a bad idea.) The brothers have activities designed for their interests.

I may go back and add a few things: the necessary Seasons trio (thermostat, umbrella stand, and Attic Stack decoration box) as well as plants from Jungle Adventure. I think the bougainvillea and some of the hanging plants would look very pretty.

I hope you enjoyed this little tour of the Curious brother’s home. I’m looking forward to moving them in and seeing what they get up to–a little bundle of joy will be arriving soon.


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