Project Lemon: Spring Day 1

We’ve been asked to keep daily logs or journals of our experiences, and this is my first entry.

Journal Entry Jase Hwang: Spring, Day 1

Jase Hwang calls Newcrest home, is a Foxbury Institute Grad, and has been assigned to Day Room Crew; Traits: Good, Bookworm, Neat, Muser

I arrived at our location in the morning, a sunny spring day. I traveled around a lot growing up and have vague memories of Mom’s being stationed at StrangerVille Base. The bright red soil reminds me of living there, so I have suspicions that our bunker is located near the base. But who knows. I’m not really focusing on that. I’m honored and really excited to be chosen to participate in this project. Although I couldn’t tell my family about my assignment, they are proud of me. I hope I’ll be able to really contribute to the research that will benefit humanity.

The first thing after arrival was to descend down into the bunker and go through a disinfectant shower and change into clothing provided. Our arrivals were staggered so that only one of us entered/was processed at a time. I was not allowed to take any personal belongings into the main area. It was a strange feeling as I passed through the first security door, then into a main area with filtration systems and equipment, into the evacuation prep room that had a “grab and go bag” and hazmat suit for each of us in the unlikely (I was told) event of an emergency evacuation. After instruction and practice on how to correctly use the gear, a large, secure, door opened into a main living area. I was told that no one except for the seven others who are part of the project were to go any further.

After the artificial lighting, the brightness of the common room was really surprising. I didn’t have any sensation that we were underground; in fact, there was natural light filtering in through the windows. Several other members were already there, and it looked to be midday. I did notice there were no clocks. We were provided with unlimited snacks, including popcorn and soda, which really surprised me.

The rest of the day was spent acquainting ourselves with one another and the facility. I was pleased to discover a well stocked library filled with instructional guides. I enjoyed spending time using the gigantic microscope, something I had never before seen. I predict that I will gain may new skills during this project.

I don’t have much more to include for this journal entry, so I will go to my sleeping pod and look forward to what tomorrow brings.


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