A HarvestFest Wish

“It’s Magic” is July’s theme. I hope you enjoy this tale of Johnny Zest, comedian and friend of the garden gnomes.

Johnny Zest was an ambitious, if unlucky, Sim. When he announced his dreams of becoming a stand-up comedian, his family disowned him. He worked hard, living in a shabby trailer, and slogging through daily life trying to catch a break. “Maybe things will be different,” he told himself as he prepared a tofurkey dinner. “Or maybe not,” he sighed, looking at the gloopy mess. What made him think he could invite friends over for a pre-Harvestfest feast?

Coworkers and friends J. Huntington and Candy Behr arrived at his trailer a few hours later, the only ones to accept his invitation. The trio exchanged jokes as they ate their feast on the couch. After J left, Johnny worked up his courage to ask Candy if she’d like to hang out for a bit.

She did, and they spent a lovely few hours–until Johnny realized he had a bathroom emergency. Something was off with that tofurkey. He was horribly embarrassed, and Candy quickly let herself out. Johnny felt despondent: He had blown his chance with the woman he’d secretly loved for years.

The next morning Johnny was surprised to see his garden gnomes had moved from their usual places. “Hey there,” Johnny smiled at one. “Would you like a cup of coffee?”

To Johnny’s surprise, the gnome spoke. “Much appreciated,” he said. “Delicious! You know, we’ve watched you for years. Once a decade, we gnomes come to life and can bestow a human sim a Harvestfest wish. We are granting you your heart’s desire.”

“Bu-but what if I don’t know what to wish?” Johnny stammered. “What if I mess this up? I’ve read fairy tales, you know.”

“Your heart knows,” the gnome chuckled. “That’s the magic. The rest is easy.” He sipped his coffee. “Tomorrow, your life will be what you’ve always dreamed. You’ll remember as it is now, but over time memories of your unlucky life will fade.”

Johnny thanked the gnome, offered the others coffee, and left for work.

The following morning, he awoke in a stylish bedroom. He was confused at first, especially when he looked at himself in the mirror. “I have a six pack!” he exclaimed. His trailer looked just the way he’d always imagined it would–and the Johnny looking confidently back at him was the Johnny he’d always wanted to be! “It’s magic!”

Johnny’s phone rang. “Good morning, sweetheart, miss me?” Candy’s voice made Johnny’s heart skip a beat. He remembered the gnome’s promise. Was Candy part of his dream life? “I’ll be over in a bit, Love. We have a photo session before our wedding next week. Love you!”

Everything seemed so natural to Johnny. He and Candy were the beloved celebrity couple who hosted their own prime-time show, “Sims Have Talent.” The paparazzi loved them. He could get used to this life!

At three p.m., the wedding of the decade was celebrated by thousands as Johnny and Candy shared their vows.

After an extravagant all-night party, the new couple returned home. Johnny thanked the gnomes for their kindness before joining Candy in the bedroom for the best night of his life. The next morning, Johnny was half afraid to open his eyes, worried it was all a dream.

It wasn’t. He had truly been granted his heart’s desire. Johnny determined not to waste this gift. He and Candy would make the world a better place through laughter and music.

They would live happily ever after.

“Dear Reader, You don’t think this was only Johnny’s heart’s desire, only his wish, do you? The gnomes granted me mine as well–it’s how their magic works!”

For more information about this month’s theme or the SimLit Short Story Challenge, please take a look at LisaBeeSims blog (Link).

Since this is a contest, if you’d like to vote, please do; however, you need to read all the entries before voting. See the link above for the rules. Dag dag!

I had been mulling over a few ideas for this month’s challenge, but when I saw TexasTwangTonya’s speed build of Johnny Zest’s trailer renovation (Link), I knew this was the time to share his and Candy Behr’s story (this takes place after Johnny’s roommate Don Lothario vanished). In my world, Johnny has made it to the top of his career, and Candy now works part-time as a DJ. The couple have three adorable toddler triplets (yes! triplets!) and have since moved to Candy’s hometown of Windenburg. I really like this build, and since I never did anything with Johnny’s lot in my world, this home will be a permanent structure.

I used the following CC: Luumia’s Vanilla Skin and Chief Whiskers Moonstone Eyes.

For anyone who has read my Travels of Don Lothario series, you might find this picture amusing. I know I did.


25 thoughts on “A HarvestFest Wish

  1. This is a lovely story! Those gnomes are quite magical indeed (I love them in The Sims games!). I’m glad that Johnny and Candy both got what they wanted!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! That look on Candy’s face said it all for me (I was just trying to get a screen of Johnny when she walked by with that happy “don’t you realize what’s been going on?” look at me).

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes garden gnomes are magical and so cute, just because Johnny was nice with them they give the kindness in return and make his wish come true.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I don’t play with Johnny so I don’t know who is him to say but I am sure you are right, Johnny deserves happiness.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. I like how you flipped the “wish granted” type story–as it’s biggest problem is that the other people involved, like the love interest, are forced into the main character’s desire–by making the rule that both persons have to wish for the same thing. That’s a brilliant way to deal with the creepy undertones that come with much of the “wish granted” territory.

    Liked by 1 person

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