Welcome to StrangerVille, Part 2

The next few decades are known as StrangerVille’s heyday, when this thriving town was a popular stop for travelers along Route Simsty-Six.

The spectacular views made StrangerVille the perfect place for travelers along Route Simsty-Six to take a break from the long desert drive, and soon motels, filling stations, cafes, bars, and restaurants sprung up.

The combination of predictably dry and clear weather, vast open areas, and a small population made this a choice spot for a test-pilot base. StrangerVille National Base was built, along with base housing, and the town’s population doubled in just a few months.

The entrance to StrangerVille National Base is carefully guarded.

With an increase in both population and revenue, the town council decided to build a park in the town square along with a visitor’s center.

Route Simsty-Six Bar opened soon after and quickly became the go-to spot for both military personnel and travelers.

Future Sims Labs (FSL) then opened a satellite research center (although it was so small most people didn’t know existed). As the town’s population grew, more housing and businesses were built. The future seemed bright, and this town was on its way to becoming a small city.

However, when the New Every-World Transportation System (NEWTS) linked the town to Oasis Springs, Route Simsty-Six was unfortunately bypassed.

The once thriving way-stop businesses closed one by one, and many of the buildings fell into disrepair.

Most of the locals moved away, seeking employment in Oasis Springs or even further away.

The small military base and FSL laboratory were now the primary employers, and the town faded into obscurity.

Lots featured: Route Simsty-Six Bar and the StrangerVille Information Center Click the links to view the lots on the Gallery.

Route Simsty-Six Bar
StrangerVille Information Center (Library)

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