Welcome to StrangerVille, Part 1

The desert town of StrangerVille has gone through many changes over the years. Archaeologists have found evidence of an ancient civilization whose name and origins are unclear. Some say the area was founded by descendants of Omiscans who were tired of the rain and bugs, while others hold fast to the beliefs that the original residents fell from the sky in a beam of light. Centuries ago, so the stories tell, flashing lights and storms erupted, leaving a large crater in the middle of the desert.

The first known modern documented events of StrangerVille occurred after the Strange Sightings of Oasis Springs when search parties set out to find the Missing Ten.*

The Roswell-Pries party stumbled upon this “vibrantly red land” and decided to settle on the high plateau where the soil was fertile and there was plenty of water.

They built homes atop the plateau and along the river.

From this small settlement, the town began to grow. As the original residents became more prosperous, they built larger homes on the plateau.

One of the traditional Victorian-style homes built during StrangerVille’s heyday, which will be covered in Part 2.

The Roswell family, whose family dated back to members of the rescue party and first settlers, became a prominent household in StrangerVille within a few generations. Theodore Roswell had found precious crystals and minerals, which increased their wealth. At the turn of the new century, the Roswells opened the First Bank of StrangerVille and began building the downtown. StrangerVille was now officially a town.

The First Bank of StrangerVille was the town’s first brick building.

*The Story of the Missing Ten


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