Erwin and the Tiny House

Meet Erwin Pries

Erwin Pries, Young Adult, who has the Renaissance Sim aspiration, is erratic, paranoid, and a geek.

Erwin Pries, owner of the Curio Shop, and local “conspiracy theorist,” is a descendant of the first settlers. His parents were in the military, and Erwin grew up on a quiet cul-de-sac near downtown.

Granny Pries told him tales passed down through the generations of flashes of bright lights and earthquakes. She was convinced something extra-terrestrial caused the crater, and Erwin always believed Granny. He became known as the “conspiracy theorist” in his high school days and decided to take advantage of the moniker. After finishing high school, Erwin opened up a small curio shop, which he continues to run.

As one of the only ones who still holds fast to memories of bizarre fruit, mind-controlled neighbors, and a guy named Ned who defeated an alien named Mother, he will still share those tales to this day to anyone who is interested in hearing about them.

When Granny passed away shortly after the near-cataclysmic event, leaving Erwin a small inheritance, he used the money to have a tiny house built and now lives in the trailer park next to his curio shop. He grows as much of his own food as possible, not trusting the commercially grown produce.

Erwin spends much of his time either tending the Curio Shop or hanging out in his back yard. If you seem trustworthy, he may invite you to join him in a game of chess.

Still not trusting the government’s explanation of events and concerned about a possible return of even stranger things, Erwin makes sure he’s only ten minutes from pulling out and heading somewhere safe. Since he lives off-the grid, all he needs to do is put his outside belongings in his tiny house and hitch it to his pickup. A few minutes later, he can be off.

If you are ever visiting StrangerVille, a stop at the Curio Shop is a must. Besides the kitschy souvenir items, Erwin will regale you with many a conspiracy story. (Bring him a root beer float and tell him Shelli sent you.)

Erwin and his tiny house are available on the Gallery.

“Erwin Pries, Conspiracist”
Slip 42 Tiny House


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