Springing Into Summer: Karaoke Legends of San Myshuno

“I can’t believe how hot it already is,” Miko grumbled slightly. The elevator was stuffy, and she had endured a frustrating day. Life working with the politicians of San Myshuno could be annoying. Sometimes she felt she was the only one working for fairness and equality.

Her roommates, Akira and Darling, were gazing out the window when she stepped out of the elevator. “What’s going on?” she asked.

“June gloom,” Akira replied. “It’s hot and humid, and I’m not a fan.” He sighed. He had been out all afternoon trying to collect posters or dig up anything else of value to sell on his SimBay store before going to the first day of his new part-time job. He had shown up for work dusty, hot, and with only a snow globe that wouldn’t sell for even five simoleons.

Darling scrunched up their face. “School project. I had to lug the big box on the bus along with everyone else.” They looked down a the people scurrying below. Darling missed the marshy pond and sitting under a tree for hours with nobody around. It wasn’t fair, and sometimes Darling felt anger at being an orphan. But then, their parents didn’t ask to meet the Reaper so young. At least they had family in San Myshuno.

“How was your day?” Akira asked.

“Just a typical day at the office, or rather a typical afternoon in a jail cell unlawfully rounded up for a legal protest. Apparently, my boss didn’t file the correct permit. Fortunately, Detective Moss spotted us and got the ball rolling to a different judge.” She took a calming breath. “How about I help you with your project?” Miko asked Darling. Darling shrugged.

“The instructions say to assemble Piece B with hot glue,” Darling read aloud.

“Was that Piece D?” Miko asked. Akira was practicing on the new guitar he’d found, and although he was getting better, his “music” still made it hard to concentrate.

“No, B,” Darling answered.

“Got it. Hey, this is looking pretty good.” Akira played a D minor chord instead of a C. Both Miko and Darling cringed.

Within the hour, Darling’s project was completed and Akira’s fingers sore. “I know it’s my turn to cook,” he said, “but I was thinking we could grab a bite to eat.”

“Where?” Darling and Miko asked at the same time.

“The Arts District. The Humor & Hijinks Festival is going on right now, and after today I figured we could all use some laughs.”

Within half an hour, the three were at the Arts District Station, located next to the Casbah Art Gallery. Darling was always amazed at how quickly they could travel to the different districts. City life was so much different than in their sleepy backwater town. People were friendlier, too.

They walked across the plaza and found a seat. Miko scoped out the different food options while Akira and Darling found a table.

“Is … is that … Judith Ward?” Darling stammered. Akira nodded.

“I think she’s promoting that new comedy she’s starring in. Want to ask for her autograph?” Akira started to get up from the table.

Darling shook their head frantically. “No way!”

Miko motioned for them to get their food. She’d chosen the Moroccan stall.

“Mmm, this is good,” Akira licked his lips. “Think I’ll get the recipe.”

Darling wouldn’t mind trying brochette again. Akira was a pretty good cook. Sometimes he reminded Darling of their mom, who had been Akira’s older cousin.

“Don’t look so sad,” Akira smiled. “Good food, good company, right?” Darling gave him a weak smile in return.

“Now we decide whether to join the Jokesters or the Pranksters.” Darling was all for the Pranksters–they could be mischievous without getting in trouble. However, at Miko’s insistence, they decided to join the “Jokesters.” Miko could never be mean, even if it was just all in good fun.

“Whatever,” Darling thought, filling their glass with the glowing golden liquid. “Oh no,” they mumbled and walked away from their roommates who were getting ready to ask Judith Ward for her autograph. They felt a bit shy around strangers, let alone famous celebrities.

“Good thing Ms. Ward is here,” Miko thought to herself, “or I would be giving Victor Feng a piece of my mind. Not filing the proper form — and with Judge Judy, too! She’s not fond of the World United cause in the first place. That Feng. Who really knows what game he’s playing.”

Miko thought back with some anger to the protest. It wasn’t the first time she’d been hauled off by the SMPD, but this time was uncalled for. She took a sip of her light tea and watched Akira approach the silver screen icon. She’d had a crush on him for awhile now, but he didn’t seem to notice. He had made it clear he didn’t like either of her two prior boyfriends, but Miko wasn’t sure if it was jealousy or that he just didn’t like them.

Akira appeared to have changed his mind. He smiled at Miko. “Don’t have time to ask for autographs–the Jokesters are five points in the lead. And the prize is 500!” He finished his glass. “What did the llama say to the ghost?”

A few more sips, and all of Miko’s worries vanished. She found herself laughing at Akira’s silly jokes and even telling a few herself. Even Darling was into the spirit of things and impersonated a sausage mime, much to the delight of Penny Pizzazz.

“We won” Darling exclaimed. “Five hundred simoleons each and free stuff!” They couldn’t believe that the impossible sausage mime had pushed the Jokesters a full eight points ahead of the Pranksters.

Fireworks exploded overhead, and the stalls began closing up. Darling yawned. It was nearly midnight. “Ready to go?” Miko asked. They nodded.

The trio left the festival in high spirits. This evening out was just what they needed.

“Not a bad way to end a no good, rotten Monday,” Akira joked. “We really need to get out and do stuff more often,” he said seriously. “Especially,” he playfully pointed at Darling, “now that you are settled in. There’s a lot to see and do in the city.”

As Darling brushed their teeth before bed, they decided to set a new goal: live like a City Native. Who needed to play pranks and be mean all the time when there were so many more interesting things to do?

I changed a few things in the Karaoke Legends apartment, 701 ZenView, and it is available on the gallery as “701 ZenView” Downstairs & Upstairs. My version of the Karaoke Legends household is also available on the gallery, “Karaoke Legend Pride.” https://www.ea.com/games/the-sims/the-sims-4/pc/gallery/265300A792B911E982A614AEEA156117?


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