Chapter 23: The New Mr. and Mrs.

07-04-17_11-35-21 PM.png

Don and Emerson exchanged vows under a wedding arch made from recycled posts and decorated with flowers from the garden. He had never before felt so happy and content. The ceremony was simple, yet beautiful, under the puffy white clouds and blue sky.07-04-17_11-38-06c2a0pm.png

Meagan had baked a cake as a surprise, and the newlyweds shared their first slice to the cheers of the others. For the first time since Don could remember, they cut their afternoon activities short. Emerson and Don’s wedding day was a day off, and they laughed, sang, and relaxed until the shadows grew long.07-04-17_11-43-54 PM.png 

Every chance he had, Don grabbed Emerson for a kiss. “Take it elsewhere, you two,” Kelli laughed. “This is getting obnoxious.”07-04-17_7-52-34 PM.png

So they did.

07-04-17_2-17-40 PM.png

That evening, when the moon was high, Don caught the largest fish ever. “It’s a good luck fish,” Emery said. “And a beauty.” 07-05-17_5-05-06 PM.png

When they had free time, Don and Emerson enjoyed playing duets. Don’s woodworking skills had increased to the level that he was able to craft a nice-looking guitar.  Life was relaxed. The work was hard but rewarding. Walden Pond was a land free from drama and angst. Don spent much of his time in silence; there was no need for small talk here.07-18-17_5-35-35 PM

One afternoon, Meagan asked Don what his special project was. He had never thought of it, but as soon as she uttered the words, he knew. “I’m working on a special serum.”

“And I’m helping,” Emerson said enthusiastically. “My cow plants are now docile, and I can milk a variety of essences.”

Fleetingly, Don wondered how Emerson knew about the serum.

“You’ve always been assigned to work on the serum, Don,” Emerson laughed. “And I’ve always been assigned to help you. Why do you think I’ve been so focused on my cow plants, silly?”


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