My Worlds

I probably spend too much time thinking about my worlds and the Sims who inhabit them. I invite you to read more about my worlds. I have a new blog all about sharing my worlds and lore, and my Happy Twenty-first Birthday save based on my thoughts on how The Sims 4 fits in with the prior Sims games. Right now, I’m not really playing The Sims 4. I had fun with Dream Home Decorator, but it just became too repetitive.*

Instead, I’m working on recreating the save I had before it was corrupted/broken back in 2019 and will be sharing my lore and stories.

*Also, a Sims update broke more mods, then ACNH Happy Island Paradise came out, so I’ve spent my time decorating homes there, and since I pretty much flattened my island before the 2.0 update, I’ve been redoing Cara Cara. If you have ACNH, my Dream Address is 9164-4685-7201. I uploaded it on Halloween.


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