Dream Home Decorator: A Save File and Tribute to My Dad

I really had fun playing with the Dream Home Decorator Game Pack this past summer, but sadly abandoned it because so many mods broke with the Cottage Living update. I miss Daisy Littleroot** but wished I didn’t renovate the beautiful lots that were done in that save. Why not use the less-than-beautiful Maxi’s lots instead?

Yesterday, when I was exploring the new Animal Crossing New Horizon’s DLC, Happy Home Paradise, I had a thought: “What if all the pre-made households had likes and dislikes based on what I know of their preferences and relationships with household members?”

So I sat down and went through all the non-occult households to add preference for colors, music, activities, and interior design. I also updated pre-Seasons’ households to have hot and cold weather wear and made a few changes to align better with lore (and, yes, my head canon), although I didn’t change careers for the Langraabs or Goths.

There are two townie households in the active family bin: Patina Wainscoat, a veteran interior home decorator, and her recently-moved-in neighbor, U Brite grad Kasen Henry, who has just started his career. If you’d like to renovate the lots in a game play style, my save is available HERE. I have a “read me” doc as well as the save and also a list of the optional CC and mods I used. If you do try it out, please let me know!

Happy Birthday, Dad.

My dad played The Sims Medieval and he was interested in my Sims 4 stories and game play until he became too ill last year. He was encouraging of my builds and videos. We were really blessed to be able to spend time with him in July, to say our goodbyes and have him say goodby to us, and he was able to see “Black Widow” just a short time before he passed. He loved to go to movies, and I’m so thankful he was able to see one last movie in the theatre.

Dad isn’t here with us for his birthday today, so I thought I would create this save instead of moping around. He loved helping my mom make our home beautiful, and I think I have my love of decorating because of those happy childhood memories. I know he’d enjoy playing both Dream Home Decorator and ACNH. So, Dad, this save file is for you. I’ll think of all those hours in hardware stores and garden centers, your arranging furniture on graph paper, the smell of sawdust and paint thinner–and most of all your smile–when I’m renovating the lots.

Well, I’m off to see how Kasen does for a bit before heading for my next Paradise Planning job and then a relaxing cup o’ joe in Brewster’s Cafe. A happy start to November!

**I have not opened the save since because both of her grandparents passed away immediately when I opened the save after the update, and it’s just too sad. And now the save just too out of date, most of the mods won’t be updated. Sigh.

Note: I didn’t do Sulani, however, because I was getting a bit tired and just want to play.


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