Another Sunset Valley Sunday

Our LEPacy begins on a pleasant summer Sunset Valley Sunday with an introduction to legacy founder Jamie Jolina.

Meet one of my favorite base game sims, Jamie Jolina. She is a Trauma Surgeon who lives at 91 Landgraab Avenue in a very colorful two-bedroom one bath “Asian-influenced, Chalet-style Tudor.”

Jamie is Flirty, Virtuoso, Party Animal, Genius, Bookworm single young adult sim who has the lifetime wish of becoming a World-Renown Surgeon. She loves to listen to classical music, eat hot dogs, and all things hot pink.

Jamie is dedicated to her work and often stays in her scrubs even after pulling a long shift. She keeps up on all the latest information.

She works hard, even going in on her days off, is tethered to her pager, and wouldn’t have it any other way. Caring for patients and the good folk of Sunset Valley is her life’s ambition.

Jamie loves the challenge of her career, which is the center of her life. Her boss, Geoffrey Landgraab hosts pool parties from time to time, and Jamie always clears her schedule to attend. Establishing a good relationship with her coworkers and her boss are important. Somehow, though, this party girl manages to find time to relax.


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