Dumpsters Then and Now

I have two separate stories going, one set in Sunset Valley (Sims 3) and one in Evergreen Harbor (Sims 4). Thought I’d share a couple of dumpster diving pictures just for fun.

Christopher Steel won the lottery and is extremely rich. I couldn’t figure out where he was then discovered he has a penchant for dumpster diving behind the grocery store. This seems to be his new hobby when his family’s sleeping.
Jax Rivera lives in a container at Port Promise and has discovered he can find food (sometimes edible), ingredients, even appliances and furniture in the dumpsters nearby. Perfect for a Freegan homeless teen who gave up his wealth.

I like to think that Christopher and Jax would be good friends should their universes collide. You go, dumpster divers, and don’t let anyone tell you not to search for those possible finds! (Just make sure to take a shower afterwards.)


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