Chapter 4: The Argument


Don and Nina were getting along pretty well for a change, so when Nina flirted with him, he used his usual excuse (gotta stay in the moment) and flirted back. They were supposed to be clearing the breakfast dishes while Katrina got ready for work, but Katrina walked into the dining room where dirty dishes still cluttered the table. She strode out into the hallway where Nina and Don were locked in an embrace.  “Just. Get. Dressed. Both of you. Dining room. Five minutes!”


Don protested that Katrina knew he was a flirt. “Honey, you know when a woman flirts with me, I just can’t resist flirting back.” He flashed a winning smile. “Baby, it was just a friendly hug, nothing more.” Don reached for Katrina’s hand.

“With my daughter? My daughter? How could you. If that was a ‘friendly hug’ then I’m a flying llama.” Katrina glared at him. “You are uninvited to stay with me at the cabin during my vacation.” Hands clenched, she turned away. “And you!” was all Katrina said to her daughter before she stormed out.

Don wondered what to do next; he knew his relationship with Katrina was finished. Hanging around the house with Nina and the kid had been getting old, and he was getting itchy to get back to work. With Katrina gone to Granite Falls and Dina making herself nearly invisible, Nina was fed up with Al’s antics. “You know, I’m glad Mom left. I’ve kept my mouth shut even though it was disgusting watching how she fawned all over you and how you were at her beck and call. Wonder what will she say when I tell her that Al is your baby?”


Don almost fainted. “My what?” Nina went on the offensive for several days afterwards, constantly pointing out the resemblance, the timing. Don locked himself in his bedroom, sleeping most of the day and trying to block out the sound of Al tearing apart the house.

“Al’s your responsibly, too, you know,” Nina confronted Don in the hallway the next morning. “I’m tired of your always being at my mom’s beck and call and not doing your duty.”


Don finally had enough. He seriously doubted Al could be his child, but he had cared for Al more than Nina ever had. “Your son could be Jeff’s kid. Or Juan’s or Alec’s. Or even Marcus”” Don countered. “Yeah, I know you two were dating right after you dumped me.” Nina wasn’t the only one who could rant and rave, Don thought. A few hours later, Don heard the door slam. Nina had taken Al and gone to Granite Falls with her mom. Don knew she would convince Katrina he was Al’s dad and had knowingly hid it from Katrina. Somewhere, deep within, Don felt uncomfortable. And he didn’t like it one bit.


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