Chapter 2: Recruit Training

A few hours later, Ned arrived at the recruit training center; he was definitely ready for new adventures.

The next few months of recruit training were intense. Ned discovered he enjoyed the structured life, and it felt good (and sore!) to use his muscles and his brain in different ways. The locals gathered to watch the recruits march around the training compound, apparently a local tradition.

In his free time, Ned discovered the simple pleasure of horse shoes and getting to know his fellow recruits. All of the recruits had been in other careers, programming, writing, even a former astronaut. Like Ned, they wanted more out of life.

“Well, recruits,” Lt. Colonel Sinclair gathered them together. “It’s the last day for all of you together. Tomorrow, you’ll receive your assignments. Some of you will be stationed at the StrangerVille Base, some will be sent for further training. You came in here a weak, undisciplined lot, but you’re leaving as one of the top classes I’ve seen. I am please to award each of you the rank of Warrant Officer! After your assignments arrive tomorrow, you’ll have leave for a day. From there you will travel to your assignments or training facilities. Just a friendly word of advice, stay away from the juice and out of the Space Port if you go into town.”

That evening during dinner, Ned received a message.

“Well, Agent Whalen, it looks as though you’re the first to receive your assignment,” the Lt. Colonel said. “I wish you all the best, old chap. Remember, even though you are alone, you are never alone. The 504th will always have your back. Unless, of course, you are in front of us.”

Recruit Training Center Lot, “The Base, V2” by Elder Jymm (I added a fire prevention utility system panel).

CO “Remington Sinclair” and recruit “Sebastian Belcher” by SimDoughnut

Recruit “Ariel JazminesSim” by JazminesSim


6 thoughts on “Chapter 2: Recruit Training

  1. Cool Great story and I’m so glad you are using the Base. Did you end up changing the bucks I used to the great army bunks in the game pack? I didn’t realize they were in the game until way too late. –ElderJymm

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