A Winter’s Tale

Part One: The Nutcracker Inn

Tucked in amongst the rolling hills, along the country lane, stands the
cozy and inviting Nutcracker Inn.

Long ago, villagers told tales of a shrieking llama whose cries could be heard in the tavern, but in recent years it has been renovated. A popular place with the locals, the Inn is a gathering place in the Countryside. Decorated with fir boughs and pine cones, bathed in the soft glow of candlelight, and warmed by roaring fires, the pub is the perfect place to relax on a cold winter’s evening with a mug of cocoa or the traditional holiday beverage, Wutaheftabir.

Innkeepers Dominic and Moira Fyres offer a cheerful greeting to all who enter their establishment. It’s obvious they enjoy running the inn and sharing Windenburg hospitality.

For those traveling on the long winter nights, the rooms upstairs are comfortable and cheery with soft beds and a warm fire.

Friday evenings, the tables are moved and a dance floor is set up. Neighbors gather to gambol the ancient steps passed down by generations, wearing the traditional Winterburg garb. Mugs of Wutaheftabir and plates of curry wurst and pretzels refresh the dancers who often stay until the moon is setting.

The Inn is always filled with locals and visitors alike. The noisy clatter of the foosball table, the clattering of falling pieces at the Don’t Wake the Llama tables, and the chirping of the darts’ automated scoreboard punctuate the animated conversations.

Every week the open mic night draws a crowd. Siobhan Fyres is well known for her singing and is often accompanied by her sister, Morgan, on the violin. Moira always bakes her signature apple pies for open mic nights.

Comedian Johnny Zest–who hails from Oasis Springs and married local girl, Candy Behr–often stops in to try out new material on his friends. Candy thinks Johnny shows up just for a slice of pie.

If you ever have the opportunity to visit Windenburg in the winter, head out to the Countryside and stop in at the Inn. You are certain to have an entertaining evening and make new friends.

Tell Dominic Shelli sent you. Oh, and the Wutaheftabir is on me!

Find The Nutcracker Inn on the Gallery under “bar.” It meets the requirements for a restaurant and a lounge as well (the TV is hidden in the basement stairwell). It can also be used as a residence.


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