Chapter 1: Nina

Don had followed his heart to Oasis Springs. The thrill of a new relationship always seemed to lead him down the well-trod path to heartbreak, but Don took that risk whenever he met someone exciting.

He felt such a connection to Nina from the moment they met that for a flickering moment Don wondered if it could last a while. Yes, Nina was hot tempered and unpredictable, but she sure knew how to make a guy’s heart leap out of his chest. So when Nina called to invite him to house sit with her, Don quit his job as an orderly and moved from the sleepy, backwater town to exciting Oasis Springs.


They had two weeks of bliss, but when Nina’s friends returned from their vacation, they thanked Don politely but let him know firmly his stay was finished. “I’ll see you around,” Nina said as he left. Don was Simoleanless, homeless, jobless and now relationshipless.


2 thoughts on “Chapter 1: Nina

    1. I suppose Don has lived his life impulsively so far. That’s something that has intrigued me about him (and the non-committal trait). Thanks for your comment!


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