The Travels of Don Lothario

Life wasn’t going too well for Don. Again. He had thought that he’d finally be on an upward swing after arriving in Oasis Springs. A fresh start and all that. Though his past was a bit murky, Don preferred to focus on theĀ now. The past had passed. The future was unforeseeable. Don’s creed was “Live in the now. Love in the now. There’s no time like the present, and, baby, I’m your present.”

Yet, Don was a man with a long past, twisting and turning, running parallel and sideways. A past he seemed to run away from but never escape. Nectar, Sims, and Song — a future of pasts awaited him.

This is my original Sim-Lit story that I’m reuploading after an order issue. I never finished it because of a major update that broke the mods I was using, but with the release of StrangerVille, I think I have my murky ending! NB: Much appreciation and thanks to Brennachan and the “Murkland Challenge,” SimDoughnut, the Sims 4 History Challenge, (and all the great cc), and Coolspear for inspiring and allowing me to tell this story.


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