Autumn Leaves Jamie Happy.

LEPacy Challenge Generation 1: Jamie Jolina

The crisp days of fall blew into Sunset Valley. Jamie had been hard at work over the summer, never missing the chance to be on call or accept an opportunity.

She somehow managed to take a guitar class–something that had been on her bucket list since university days–and discovered that playing helped relieve the stress of her career.

Always concerned with optimum health, Jamie enjoyed a good work out.

Preparing healthy meals also became a delight. Jamie often stopped by the grocery store after work to pick up fresh ingredients, and her cooking skills and recipe repertoire grew. Although hot dogs were her favorite food, she savored them at cookouts and festivals.

“All work and no play, makes Jamie a dull gal,” was her motto, so Jamie made sure to attend any party she could. Her best friend, Madison VanWatson, always encouraged Jamie, “I knew you’d get that promotion! You’re the smartest person I know.”

Life was amazing for Jamie. Naturally frugal, she had simple needs and desires: work hard, enjoy time with friends, and pursue her love of the guitar. What more could she want?


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