Mission Objective 5: Burn Notice (Part 3)

Part of Ned felt guilty for enjoying the mischief and rakish behavior of his alter-ego, Johnny Disco, and part of him felt relieved it was over. Time to destroy all the physical evidence, something he could easily focus on accomplishing.

Ned set to work quickly; he knew he didn’t have much time.

After turning on the satellite dish and setting it to knock out anyone who approached the safe house, Ned wiped the computer and then shorted it. He overloaded the weather machine. After a brief thunderstorm, the machine began to short circuit creating random events of rain, clear skies, wind, and even a brief snowstorm.

In the meantime, Ned gathered all the files he could find and stacked them with loose boards and furniture and started a blaze in the main living area.

Next he gathered up any other possible evidence and started more bonfires. When everything was burning hot, Ned padlocked the gate and stepped outside.

There, in front of the safe house was the illegal export group, whom Ned had reluctantly suspected as probably enemy agents, passed out. They must have recovered from their exposure to the bizarre fruit and discovered the safe house.

Ned walked past the heap of bodies. “Goodbye, Luz,” he whispered, “I wish things had been different.” He sighed. Time to put this in the past.

As he began the trek down to the village, a sudden thunderstorm appeared. The weather machine seemed to have one last kick in it. Lightning struck the safe house, starting yet another fire in the listening tower. Ned was sure that not much would remain after the storm passed.

He walked purposefully towards a small building, his next-to last destination. After changing into his final disguise, Ned set the small outhouse ablaze.

The skies had cleared by the time Ned arrived at the dock. As promised a small rowboat was waiting, and Ned climbed inside.

He grabbed the oars and began rowing. As the falls approached, Ned took out his remaining GRE–the one he had been instructed to eat last. “This is the best-tasting one yet,” Ned told himself. “Now I just wait to be picked up.”

Ned yawned. He must have fallen asleep. Looking across the verdant landscape, Ned commented, “This is some beautiful country. I don’t think I’ll mind spending time here!”

Ned heard the pilot’s words in his headset clearly, “We are heading back to base, sir. The mission has been canceled. Apparently, it was all a false alarm. I’m to take you to Uptown, San Myshuno, instead. Sounds like you get to mingle with the rich and famous.”

Ned thought for a moment, trying to remember what the assignment was. Something about a possible ring of artifact forgers, he thought. Looking down at the waterfalls, Ned replied, “Can’t say I’ll object to a cushy first assignment. Would have liked to have seen Selvadorada though. But the city will be more exciting.”

“The Safe House” lot was built by SimDoughnut who created this “Return to Selvadorada” challenge. Thank you for a great challenge.

I hope you, dear reader, enjoyed this latest adventure of Ned Whalen. What do you think, Should he continue with a new one? Let me know in the comments! Again, thank you for reading this series; I hope you had half the fun as I did playing the challenge and telling Ned’s story.


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